7 Things Professional Plumbers Never Do in Their Own Homes

September 10, 2021

Plumbers play a vital role in our lives as they fix our flushes, toilets, showers, etc. The objective of the plumbers is to keep the sanitation system efficient and take care of the health of people. You should consult professional plumbers to know about their secrets to keep your house’s sanitation system efficient.

Here are some things that are avoided by professional plumbers in their own houses:

Flushing Down Baby Wipes

The professional plumbers do not flush down the baby wipes in the toilet. They believe that only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed. They do not send down the things that should not be sent down the toilet such as feminine products, toys, etc.

They avoid flushing odd items because they get stuck in the pipeline. It results in blocking the path of flushing. That’s why the professionals avoid flushing down the baby wipes and other odd items in their house.

Use Of Harsh Chemicals

Professional plumbers do not use harsh chemicals in the drains of their washroom. It means they do not use harsh chemicals to clean their toilet and sink. It is because the cleansers full of chemicals are not only caustic but also ineffective.

The harsh chemicals can damage your pipelines. If you touch these chemicals, they will also damage your skin. So, the professional plumbers use enzymatic drain cleaners instead of harsh chemicals for cleaning their toilets. They also recommend using a drain auger for this purpose.

Pouring Grease Down the Drain

The professional plumbers do not pour the grease down the drain. We know that grease is present on the frying pan when you cook something in it. You want to clean it right after cooking something in it. You should not pour it down the sink of your kitchen. You should follow the professionals to clean the grease.

You should know that the professionals put the congealed grease into the dustbin instead of pouring it down into the drain. You can also put it into the garbage can or jar. You can throw this can or jar away later.

Use Of Too Much Drain Cleaner

The professional plumbers do not use too much drain cleaner for cleaning the drain. No doubt they are good for cleaning purposes, but using them too much can damage your drain. So, using it frequently is avoided by many professionals in their house. They prefer using natural solutions such as baking soda and vinegar.

Work Without Proper Tools

Professional plumbers do not work without proper and right tools in their house. They do not take any risk of future hazards or risks. When you hire a plumber and all the right tools are not available, they may use an alternative of a tool that is not available. But they do not compromise if they are working in their own house.

You can get 24-hour plumbing services by hiring any professional plumber in the United States. You can also demand using all the right tools. The availability of the right tools helps in dealing with several complications. You can also get alternative solutions if you want.

Overtightening the Connections

The professional plumbers do not overtighten any of the connections in their house. For example, they do not overtighten the elbow, coupling, or galvanized pipe. It is because over tightening may result in cracking the fitting. The professionals also do not overtighten the toilet closet bolt because it may result in messing up the toilet as well as cracking the porcelain.

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You should also focus on this secret of the professional plumbers which will be helpful for you to save your money and time. As we know that if the fitting is cracked, it may result in leakage. As a result, leakage causes flooding which can damage your washroom’s flooring.

Force A Stuck Shut Off Valve

The professional plumbers do not use too much muscle for a shut-off valve when it is stuck because it may result in damaging the toilet or sink. For example, the shut-off valve of toilets and sinks get stuck when they are not used for a long time. Many people apply a great force to close it which may result in breaking off the knob.

This mistake is not made by professionals. Instead of applying force to close the valve, they use a wrench or alternative tool for loosening the stem nut. It is helpful for opening or moving the shut-off valve easily. After loosening the nut for turning the knob, it is retightened to check if there is a leakage or not.


You should focus on the little secrets of the plumbers which are helpful to keep your pipelines well. This guide helps you to keep your toilets and sink safe so that they do not get damaged due to your silly mistakes. It will also help you to know which cleaners should be used for cleaning the toilets and sinks. You can maintain your drainage system with the help of this guide. 


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