5 Tips for Choosing the Best Professional Barber Scissors

September 13, 2021

Ask any professional barber and he/she will tell you that scissors are probably the most important tool for their Job. Scissors that are appropriate in style, size, and quality can make the hairstyling process quicker and smoother.

So, if you are someone who is just getting into the hair cutting business as a beginner, we suggest you pay attention to buying the right scissors for you. Apart from training and constant practice, the barber scissors are what directly impact the quality of a haircut.

Buying a barber scissor is not so complicated and if you keep the information that we are going to provide in the next section in mind, you can easily get your hands on the right professional scissors.

So, let’s take a look at how you can select the best barber scissors without wasting much of your time.

1. Consider The Blade-Type

Depending upon the level of your skill and the type of hair styling you can choose between Beveled Edge or Convex blades.

Convex bladed work like a sharp razor and are made of stainless-steel material. They are hollow inside and are mostly used for slicing. They are a bit expensive but they work smoothly and last longer.

Beveled blades are made from mixed metals and they often have micro-serrations on one or both blades. They do not give you much speed, which makes them perfect for beginners.

2. Right Size

Each person’s hand varies in size and no one size of scissors works with everyone. A rule of thumb is to measure the size using your palm. Keep the scissors in your palm and notice if the blade extends a few inches away from your index finger.

Most barbers prefer using big scissors for cutting and slicing while small ones for touch-tips since they give you more control.

The loops of the Scissors for cutting hair should not be large as they may fall and not too small since they can hurt and damage your fingers. The loops should be the width that allows you to put your fingers in and out with a smooth movement.

3. Build Material

Most barbers prefer stainless steel scissors since they feel softer on hands, have sharp blades, weigh less. Recently some manufacturers are using a mixture of Molybdenum, Cobalt, and stainless steel to make the scissors which increase their durability and lifetime.

Choosing the right material for your scissors can make all the difference in the world and that is why you must consider this factor every time.

If you are looking for durable hairdressing equipment, you can check out the Panasonic ES LV81 Electric Dry Shaver review for that. 

4. Product Warranty

Make sure the scissors that you have bought come with a warranty. This entitles you to make a return if the products don’t increase your haircut quality or are not up to the standards that have been mentioned in the box.

The scissors that have a warranty can cost you a bit more but they can save you a lot in the long run.

The scissors that come with a warranty are often of high quality because having your products returned is really bad business for the manufacturers while if you buy the products with no warranty, it keeps them off the hook.

5. Handle Type is Important

Different people might use a different set of fingers to operate the scissors handle and that is why it is important to know their types and differences among them.

The Crane handle has an angled thumb hole and a longer handle for your index or middle finger that lifts pressure from your wrist and allows for an accurate cutting experience.

The level handles are straight and equal in size. They work well with your thumb and middle finger but you can use these with index as well though that might take some getting used to.

Offset handles give your fingers some relaxation due to their longer length. You can easily drop your elbows with such scissors which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the hairstyle you are trying to accomplish.

Final Words

Choosing the right hair cutting scissors is an important investment and should not be taken lightly. It can affect the quality of the cut, improve the final look, and make the process a little easier for you.

When buying professional scissors, always try various products and then figure out which gives you more freedom and feels right.

Determine your price range and see the highest quality scissors that you can get in that range and don’t hesitate to throw in some extra bucks if your desired scissors are just above your range since chances are they will last way longer and save both your time and energy.

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