Top 5 Day Trips in and around Querétaro, Mexico

September 17, 2021

Mexico boasts one of the world’s most dynamic and fascinating civilizations. We need more time to experience different diversities, from antique civilizations and biodiversity to regional cuisine.Queretaro is an ideal destination for international travelers or people working from home who want to experience something new while they have the opportunity.Queretaro has a plethora of fantastic day trip and weekend getaway possibilities. Some of them are extra amazing.  While the following activities can be completed in a single day, they also make excellent weekend trips if you have the time. While at it, do not forget to visit some of the many different Queretaro hotels to taste various top cuisines and find great overnight opportunities.

Listed below are the top day trips you can make in Queretaro

  1. Teotihuacan Pyramids

It takes around 3 hours to get to the pyramids. However, this highly depends on the place you are in,Queretaro without traffic. To get there, you can get a private tour guide, rent a car or even drive up there yourself. To be able to go through the Teotihuacan pyramids completely takes approximately 1.5 to two hours.These pyramids have the bonus of being climbable, which will capture your  attention for a little longer as you can also enjoy the views from atop. Many of these archeological sites are fascinating because they are so unlike modern construction. It brings history to life when you can touch the rocks and feel the stones beneath your feet. Moreover, you can visit a restaurant closeby and have a bite of unique delicacies such as grasshoppers.

  1. Rincon De Parangueo

This place will take under two hours from Queretaro, and it will be valuable to get a local to go with you since it’s not easy to find.The Rincon de Parangueo is among the seven craters that make up the Seven Luminaries. Although the Las Sites Luminarias signage will direct you to this crater, knowing its full name will be important.

  1. Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan is well-known for its vineyards, including Vineyards La Redonda and De Cote, both of which are worth visiting. You will need a car for transportation to get to the Quetertaro wine and cheese tour. This is the best place to visit for aday trip as everything is at a close range. Moreover, you get to taste the different wines and eat cheese in Queretaro

  1. Peña de Bernal

San Sebastian de Bernal’s Pea de Bernal is a massive monolith.  It is the world’sten largest monoliths and canbe climbed without a guide.You can hike up a significant section of it, but you’ll need special equipment to reach the summit.Pea de Bernal is a large monolith or a single piece of rock. The entire town revolves around the crowds attracted by the gigantic rock.

  1. Wander the historic center

Querétaro’s historic center is the Picturesque destination you’ve been waiting for, with everything from antique doors and colorful buildings to wacky fountains and flower-covered houses.Querétaro’s UNESCO-listed old core is not just beautiful, but it is also quite clean. Therefore ensure you wander different streets and enjoy various delicacies from different cafes.

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