Careers That Offer Real Flexibility For Working Mothers

October 16, 2021

Many mothers come to the point that they find they have to make a mid-life career change. Often, it is simply because their old work does not offer the flexibility that they need to be able to meet all of their responsibilities and obligations. However, remote and flexible working is becoming much more common, and here are just a few of the career options you could look into to find work that fits your lifestyle needs.

Freelance Writing

If you have the gift to be able to type a string of words convincingly, then you might find it easier to get into a freelance writing gig than you might imagine. While this is a very competitive world, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to take on as much work as you want or need. This can include marketing copywriting, basic website copy, press releases, academic writing, and more.


Have some education or training that you are not making a ton of use of? If you have it, people are willing to learn it. There are plenty of tutoring platforms that you can join online, but you can also set up your own website in order to funnel clients directly to you, to get more of a cut of the profit. It is not just children that look for tutors online, either. This is especially true of teaching English to non-native speakers.

Fitness And Nutrition Professions

The health and fitness industry allows for major flexibility. Typically, it involves working with clients on scheduled appointments, whether it is with individuals, in gyms, for corporate clients, or otherwise. At its most basic, running a gym class could make you some extra money each week but if you are really dedicated, personal trainer certifications can lead to a very lucrative career. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Sales Or Support Consultant

If you are much better at verbal communication than you are at written communication, then you could join the many individuals that keep many a company’s sales and support processes running. This typically involves taking calls from customers or clients, but in a sales position, it can involve making a lot of outbound calls as well. The work can get a little monotonous, so you need to be able to keep energy levels up through that to reach success.

Marketing specialist

If you have some experience in branding, marketing, or strategy in your previous career, then you could apply that knowledge to those growing businesses in need of a helping hand. Becoming a marketing consultant sees you taking the surgical approach in the fields of your expertise to help businesses better reach their business goals by changing their marketing strategies. Even if you do not have the experience on hand, there are marketing specialist training courses you can find online to get it.

The above examples are just a selection of the flexible career choices now available to mothers looking to find work that fits their lifestyle. Keep looking and you are sure to find the options that fit your skills.

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