Why Use A Weighted Blanket?

March 26, 2021

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is basically a large heavy blanket that is used primarily to help sleep and decrease stress. In the past, weighted blankets were mainly used as therapeutic aids for people with dementia, autism spectrum disorders, and other psychological illnesses. However, over the years they have become a well-known commercial product.

There are at least two reasons why a popular method of relaxation has become so popular as a medical treatment for sensory processing disorders:

  • One reason is that they work to reduce or eliminate negative effects on sleeping patterns and/or sleeping environments.
  • Another reason is that they can effectively reduce or eliminate a wide array of painful symptoms which are a result of multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injuries, as well as burns, post-surgery, and car accidents.

That is why a lot of sensory processing disorder patients nowadays also use weighted blankets due to the various benefits of a weighted blanket for sleep. In addition, there is another study that indicates that the same method of relaxation could also decrease the incidence of cataracts.

Benefits Of A Weighted blanket


Research studies conducted by Dr. Miguel Delgado show that during stressful situations, we often turn to various forms of mental relaxation techniques to ease the tension in our muscles. However, many of us cannot always locate these special techniques because our busy lives usually prevent us from focusing on certain types of relaxation techniques. The use of weighted blankets is a perfect example of a technique that we can easily locate. The main purpose of this is to promote relaxation in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. Also, this method of relaxing also helps in reducing muscle tension, which is a major cause of pain. This is another very important reason why weighted blankets are being used to treat sensory processing disorders.

Variety Of Weights

These blankets are available in a wide variety of weights. The advantage of such blankets is that they can be used on a wide variety of people, regardless of their size. The size of a person determines the kind of blanket to use. So, for people with large and bulky bodies, for instance, they should use blankets that have larger weights. Also, such blankets work best for people who are on the bigger side.

Serotonin And Endorphins

A well-known myth regarding using a weighted blanket to calm down is that it causes the brain to release serotonin. Serotonin is believed to be the body’s natural painkiller. According to this myth, the use of a weighted blanket forces the brain to release its pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. But, endorphins are not released by the brain. Instead, they are converted into serotonin. Moreover, according to this belief, the relaxation process is enhanced by the production of endorphins.

Improves Immune System

The relaxation process through the use of a deep pressure touch as part of the healing procedure of a massage or as part of the therapeutic method known as Swedish massage helps to increase blood circulation to the muscles and to the various parts of the nervous system. Therefore, when blood is circulated to the different parts of the nervous system, it helps to improve the overall functioning of the body. In addition to this, the process of relaxation through the use of a weighted blanket also improves the overall performance of the immune system, including the immune system of the body which has been weakened due to stress and tension, thereby enabling you to sleep better at night.

Reduce Stress

Weighted blankets can help you reduce the effects of stress. Stress can cause a number of different problems including high anxiety and cortisol levels. High-stress levels can have a negative effect on your overall health and lead to a number of other medical issues as well. By using a blanket that helps to retain your body heat you can reduce the impact of high-stress levels and possibly even find a cure for your high anxiety. In fact, many people with stress disorders find that once they get used to using one they feel much better.

Waking Up

The process of waking up in the morning can be a difficult one if your body is struggling to process all of the information that it has received during the day. This can lead to a number of different medical issues, including high stress and cortisol levels. A good way to combat this is to stay warm and give your body the stimulants that it needs. One of the easiest things to do here is to use a weighted blanket.

Reduced Sleep Apnea

Reduced sleep apnea is another benefit of this product. Thousands of people suffer from the condition of sleep apnea each year. This problem occurs because the throat becomes so relaxed that it does not provide adequate airflow. Weighted blankets can be used to effectively prevent your throat muscles from relaxing, which in turn can eliminate the need for sleep apnea. This can be also eliminated by some of the best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers. This can allow you to get the rest that you need without having to worry about experiencing the negative effects of sleep apnea.


One of the most common illnesses that many adults suffer from today is ADHD. While there are a lot of prescribed medications that can help with the symptoms of ADHD, they often have negative side effects that many adults do not want to deal with. However, using a natural way to battle the symptoms of ADHD could prove to be beneficial to the overall health of an individual. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using weighted blankets. The act of supporting the person’s own weight while sleeping has been known to have a positive impact on the overall health of an individual.


There are so many positive things that weighted blankets can do for the overall health of an individual. Therefore, when you are thinking about how to sleep better at night, you should consider using one. Not only will you be helping to treat your symptoms for the day, but you will also be giving yourself the gift of peace and relaxation. With all the stress that we deal with in our lives, sometimes taking a short nap is all we can really want. Getting a good night’s sleep with the help of a weighted blanket is the best way to go.

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