Improving entrepreneurial networking by David JC Cutler

October 27, 2021
entrepreneurial networking

entrepreneurial networking

Being an entrepreneur is mostly about how many connections and contacts you have in the industry and outside. The saying is particularly true. Terms like favoritism and nepotism may have garnered negativity around them. Still, it is sometimes better to have someone you trust, even if their qualifications do not match your needs as an entrepreneur. 

You need the right kind of contacts indicates David JC Cutler 

 At the beginning of your career, when knowledge is one thing you need the most, getting the right experience can be daunting. If you have the right contacts, then getting an opportunity for the perfect experience may become an easier task. Further, having a relative or someone at a higher position that you know of can also help you obtain the capital for your business.

The right kind of contacts can also aid in forming partnerships and even changing the direction of your start-up. 

Build your way up

 As a newbie to the entrepreneurial world, getting contacts right away is not possible. You have to build your way up, and as you climb towards success, you can make the right kind of contacts along the way. All you have to do is strengthen, improve and build your network. In the world of entrepreneurs, having a solid network is significantly essential. It is great to have a connection from before, thanks to friends and family, but even that needs to be composed into a business network.

Improving and strengthening

 When you are building your network from the bottom, simply knowing people is not enough. Building a network is all about connecting with individuals that may prove beneficial for you and your business in the long run.

Be a part of different communities 

 The Internet has saved the day for most entrepreneurs. In today’s age and date, building a network has become faster and easier. David JC Cutler points out that you can even become a part of different online communities that help people connect with individuals of the same niche. You can also be a part of online forums, covering a specific dedicated topic that could use your area of expertise, and you could use the experience achieved. It is not necessary to limit your reach only till your business expertise goes. Extending to a variety of niches can help build diverse networks. 

Be a socialite 

 Social events are another brilliant way to build connections and improve your entrepreneurial networking skills. You can also have fun while you are at it, suggests David JC Cutler. You can kill two birds with one stone! 

You can also look for opportunities at exclusive parties that can help you build a broader networking platform, especially with the elite class.

Community involvement

 Community Involvement is essential for networking. It gives you the perfect opportunity to attend and volunteer at events, providing you with a chance to connect with local entrepreneurs and business owners. It also acts as an ideal cover-up to help people get hold of your name and get recognition of your business.

Networking for your entrepreneurial venture may seem like an exhausting and daunting task. But once you get on board, it is easy to make connections, and who knows, you might even make friends along the way!



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