How is Virtual Reality Changing the Landscape of the Business Industry- A Note by Fred Auzenne

October 28, 2021
Fred Auzenne

Fred Auzenne

Right now, technology is evolving so quickly that it’s affecting our lives without us even knowing. It had gotten to the point where we hardly remember how our life looked before we had the technology. It doesn’t matter what you need; we have the tech for that, be it on a smartphone or smartwatch. Certainly, new technology opens opportunities for employers who need workers. The VR market has been highly active recently, and the VR market has already been flooded with investment from major technology companies. As a result, VR experts are more urgently needed. With the introduction of more and more virtual reality products, the business sector is changing drastically. For businesses as well as individuals, it has become necessary to get themselves updated with the new VR technology.

How it helps companies

The problem is that there are very few people who are equipped with the necessary VR abilities. To combat a lack of VR development skills in the organization, the firm has been forced to rely on freelancers. Due to the scarcity of persons capable of doing VR work, there is a huge amount of interest in that field from freelancers. Virtual reality has seen 300% demand growth in recent months, according to Upwork, a service that allows businesses and individuals to connect with freelancers via the internet.

The unknown technology seen by few in the world today may be the new innovation that will change everything in the future. Big companies are working on several VR initiatives to amaze the users.

The excitement

 The excitement and adrenaline generated by a VR headset are a major contributor to the fact why people are going crazy over it. The aforementioned businesses make VR headsets for their customers. While Google offers an even cheaper version named Cardboard, Facebook introduced Oculus to experience virtual reality (VR). As perFred Auzenne, virtual reality can utilize different purposes with a company; it could be used for training purposes or attracting clients. Depending upon the endless ideas you can come up with to weaponize this technology for business growth, you can make the most out of it.

However, with the wide array of uses VR possesses, the Goggles merely mark the beginning of VR. Microsoft has advanced its HoloLens, a VR device with which the corporation has solved a typical problem that has limited VR experiences thus far. By putting the CPU inside the headset instead of transferring data to the cloud, the business saved time and reduced lags in the system.

Before virtual reality became mainstream, it was initially introduced as a service to entertain the people using it. It was in 1994 that the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) was first implemented in order to generate virtual environments with little care for the headgear. However, it is disputed as to whether the VR technology emerged as a result of a single discovery or multiple ones, but regardless, it has a long history that predates it becoming well known.



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