This Is Why I Love Wine Clubs

October 31, 2021

The love for wine is love too strong to be fizzled out in due course of time. Just like red wine that tastes better with age, our affection and adoration towards wine itself inflate as days pass by. Would you not agree? Regular and controlled consumption of wine has several health benefits, and the habit is a great unwinding tactic. Likewise, the skin glow which sets in through steady consumption of wine, especially white wine, is jaw-dropping.

If you are a wine enthusiast, then we are sure that you will love to be equally zealous about the phenomenon of wine clubs. We can trace the inception of wine clubs to 1972 when Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. created the Wine of the Month and then started ‘The Wine Club’ in 1985 in Los Angeles. The past has faded since then. Whether you are a wine pioneer or a novice, joining a wine is something that you must consider. If you are bemusing about joining a wine club but doubtful about its significance, then you are at the right place.

Top Six Reasons You Should Join A Wine Club

  • Wine Clubs Ignite The Adventurer Inside You: If you feel that your adoration towards wine is diminishing with time, wine clubs will perfectly do the job of igniting the adventurer in you. By sending diverse wine bottles every month and surprising you in the best possible way, wine clubs will compel you to experiment and reinstate your passion for wine. By this point, you should already have a few wine tasting tips down and ready to enjoy the new bottles of wine. While trying to join a wine club, make sure to opt for one with the best wine club reviews. The opinions and ratings on the internet barely lie, and they reveal a lot about the nitty-gritty of the wine club.  
  • Wine Clubs Are Best For People On The Go: It is a fact that the best way to explore and learn more about wines is to visit the local wine retailer or winery. But, times are such that we hardly get any time. Our busy lives do not leave enough space for us to regularly travel to the wine retailer, enquire about the various wines, and quench our thirst for knowledge. It is in such a context that wine clubs come into the picture. The wine bottles sent from wine clubs come with placards that hoard information about different types of wine.
  • Wine Clubs Help You Save Money: We know that wines can be pretty expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. But, wine clubs make your life easier by offering wine bottles within your budget. They have several subscription packages, and you can opt for the one compatible with your pocket. Likewise, wine clubs provide 20-30% discounts on all types of wine bottles. Also, special deals, discounts, and cash backs are an integral part of almost all wine clubs. Various wine clubs also have their restaurants and cafes, and you will get at least a 20-30% discount on the ancillary eateries. Therefore, you will save a lot of money, all the while sipping your favorite glass of wine. The bottles you do not consume during your club, you can put in your wine cellar.
  • Wine Clubs Offer Access To Exclusive Events: To say that wine tasting events are interesting. They are an excellent way to learn more about the process of winemaking, the diverse types of wine available, and so forth. But, unfortunately, most of the wine tasting events are exclusive concepts where only VIPs are invited. But, joining a monthly wine club is a definitive way to be part of the elite group that has access to wine tasting parties. You can meet your wine club community in person, converse with the producers and creators, taste the exclusive wine samples, and so forth. 
  • Wine Clubs Give You A Chance To Taste Select Wines: It is an unfortunate fact that most of the world’s best wines are not sold in stores. The only way you can taste them is at a vineyard. Joining a wine club provide you exclusive entry to wineries and vineyards, and hence you can indulge in a rare assortment of wines, like Burgundy wine from France.
  • Joining A Wine Club Means That You Will Meet Like-Minded People: Meeting like-minded people who share a similar interest as you and have a passion for wines is, indeed, rare. If you are enthusiastic about networking with other wine lovers, a wine club is your best bet. There are also online platforms associated with a wine club. Therefore, you can chat and converse with other members of your wine club from the comfort of your home. 

In conclusion, we can safely assert that wine clubs are one of the best inventions of modern times. They are perfect for both wine big-wigs and wine novices.

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