Six Amazing Practical Gifts For Wine Lovers

February 8, 2022

We all have that one friend who can reach out for a glass of wine at 10AM on a Wednesday. Maybe it is their birthday coming up soon, or you want them to feel special. You would like your friend to see you put much thought into their gift. It would also be great to get them something that they can use almost every day as they sip on some sweet red. Here are a few lovely practical gifts for wine lovers: 

Handmade wind chimes 

Wind chimes make melodious tunes and are a great piece of outdoor décor. If your friend loves to enjoy a glass of wine while seated on the porch, you could get them some wine bottle wind chimes. We guarantee they will enjoy the melodious tunes and always look forward to spending time on their patio. 

Wine-flavored gummies

Your oenophile friend might not always want to crack open a bottle of wine. Maybe they just ran out of wine and would like to taste something similar. A box of wine-inspired gummies would be great for a movie night. Your loved one could even stash these gummies in their purse and carry them wherever they go. 

Wine puzzle 

If your friend has some extra time on their hands, you could gift them a wine puzzle to put together as they enjoy a glass of their favorite bottle. Ensure the puzzle is neither too difficult nor too easy. Once they are done solving the puzzle, they can always take it apart and start working on it again. 

Wine subscription 

The bad part about getting a wine lover a bottle is that they will know if you grabbed something cheap off the supermarket shelf. The good news is that if you don’t know what type of wine they love, you could sign them up for the best wine subscription you can find. Your loved one will take a quiz, and after the results are out, they will be sent some unique and personalized wine bottles. 

Tote bag

A tote bag would be an excellent gift for your friend to carry their groceries and wine bottles as they run their errands. Numerous tote bags in the market have room for two standard-sized bottles of wine. You could also get one with a catchy quote about wine and in their favorite color. 

Wine glass cover 

Are you tired of swatting bugs and flies away from your drink as you enjoy the outdoors? Chances are, your oenophile friend is having the same problem. A practical and thoughtful gift you can get your loved one would be a wine glass cover. They won’t have to worry about wayward bugs getting into their chilled glass of wine while they bask in the sun. 

Final remarks

Now that you have gotten a few gift ideas for your oenophile friend, we hope that you will get them something practical that will show how much you care. Be sure to choose a gift within your budget and one that they do not already have lying around in their house. 

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