Top 5 Gene Synthesis Companies You Should Know About

February 8, 2022


Gene Synthesis

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Gene synthesis is the aspect of biology that utilizes the Synthetic methodology to engineer artificial genes inside a laboratory. The process is first in the text, on a computer, before the physical copy is made.

Genetic sequences are made for several reasons, and because of how delicate these materials are, you need a company you can trust if you need them. That’s why we came up with a brief review of the top 5 gene synthesis companies you should know about.

Synthesis Companies

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Codex, also known as the DNA printer, often tops the list of gene synthesis companies globally. The reason is not far-fetched; they have proven helpful in this sector. Codex is also well known in the area of SGI-DNA synthesis. They are based at the J. Craig Center Institute of Synthetic Biology. And they stand out because they have a unique business model. Aside from DNA gene synthesis, they also offer services like DNA assembly reagents and provide gene synthesis instruments.

This company had a revenue of $69.056 million in 2022. They already had $18.032 in revenue in the first quarter of 2021. This gene synthesis company raised its investor guidelines on June 21, 2021. They did this after receiving a binding purchase order. The purchase order was from an undisclosed global pharmaceutical company worth $13.9 million of a proprietary high-performance enzyme.

They may not be as fast as light, but they still stand out in the area of excellent handling and delivery of complex projects. That’s something their competitors can’t do so well. When you think of complex DNA synthesis, codex should come to mind.

DNA synthesis

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Integrated DNA Technologies

This is the company that belled the cat into the world of gene synthesis. They are leading pioneers. Integrated DNA Technologies have played a vital role as the pioneering company that does gene synthesis worldwide. That singular fact has made them retain a big name in the community of molecular biology. This company is also renowned as the dominant leader in synthesizing and producing oligosaccharides. Interestingly, they have an unending and ever-increasing need for their services, as they place a premium on quality.

They are not just about gene synthesis, as they have spread their tentacles to dsDNA fragments. They make commercial sales of dsDNA fragments under their brand name, gBlocks. Integrated DNA Technologies now offers comprehensive DNA synthesis as a service, lacing it with excellence.

DNA Technologies

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Twist Biosciences

This fast-growing company in the gene synthesis industry has left remarkable footprints in the sand of time. They are known to utilize proprietary technologies, which has set them apart with tremendous speed. They came into the industry like a thief in the night, and viola! They took everyone by surprise. And before people could recover, they had made significant progress. No wonder a worthy appellation for them is the shooting star.

Twist Biosciences has a record of being focused on the process of miniaturizing common oligo synthesis. They also include the processes involved in the assembly of genes. That, perhaps, is the secret behind their massive growth and remarkable success. They chose to be focused. Even before it was announced to the world, the company had made a profit of $250 million in 2018. And right now, their market capitalization value is well over one billion dollars. Anything around gene synthesis that offers gene fragments and clonal genes Twist Biosciences is the company to remember.

Eurofins and Genscript

Wonder what companies offer gene synthesis contracts for other companies and clients? Eurofins and Genscript do this in grand style. They offer research services at different levels to their clients based on unique needs. Their services include DNA sequencing, protein expression, purification, and genotyping, among others. Eurofins isn’t new to the industry, as they have been around for thirty solid years and counting.

They have expanded and made reasonable progress over the years by being established in over 50 countries worldwide. They are found on several continents, like North America and Asia. They are also known to diversify their service delivery, as their portfolio is filled with notable projects. They work with different analytical techniques that center around evaluating the safety, authenticity, and purity of biological substances.

Eurofins and Genscript

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Ginkgo Bioworks-the organism company

This company was commenced in 2008 by an MIT computer engineer, Thomas Knight. His fascination was all about standardizing biological research. He started the company with four other graduates.

Ginkgo bioworks made severe achievements in the area of yeast cell engineering. And for the record, they now have three fragrance molecules commercially produced. These molecules are called gamma-decalactone and massoia lactone. The former is said to have a pronounced peach scent. In contrast, the latter had a crystal-clear liquid that’s usually obtained from the bark of tropical trees. Massoia lactone is a flavoring agent that can be purchased for $1200 per kilogram.


These are just five of the numerous gene synthesis companies in the world. However, they are the best, based on their records and achievements. You can do your due diligence to conduct further research. However, if you ever need a gene synthesis company, know that any of these companies can help.

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