Five Degrees That Can Land You A Job Anywhere in The World

November 3, 2021

The degree you choose will influence your future career goals, professional growth, and skill development. It also reveals your expertise and knowledge in the particular field, along with the skills you bring to an organization. 

The global economy directly influences career growth, so it is useful to know which degrees are in high demand. It is just as important to realize what education is not right for you as knowing what is. As a result, most students often end up changing their majors in college because it will increase their chances of getting hired after graduation.

Here we have outlined some of the top trending degrees that are most likely to land you a well-paid job anywhere in the world:

1. Health Sciences

Advances in medical technology and an increase in life expectancy make a healthcare career a promising choice. One of the most rewarding professions in this sector is a registered nurse who requires a nursing graduate degree. Also, upskilling yourself on MedTech industry will also be an advantage because there are plenty of opportunities with new jobs created often within this field. This program will allow you to move up the career ladder and hone your skills for more remunerative jobs.

While business ethics vary from country to country, medical professionals can work anywhere in the world. Mostly because people suffering from debilitating health conditions exist everywhere. Although the United States has the highest ratio of doctors, there is still a shortage of other health professionals like medical assistants and technologists. 

Choosing a career in the healthcare industry can land you a job in a developed country with a good salary, flexible working hours, and other perks. In contrast, working in a developing country may not be as lucrative, but it will allow healthcare professionals to positively impact the community as a whole.

2. Computer Science

Computers are now an integral part of almost every industry, field, or sector, so a degree in computer science would never be out of place. It is an ever-expanding and prosperous field with opportunities for students of all levels, from software development to big data analysis. Despite popular belief, computer science majors are not restricted to employment in Silicon Valley tech companies. Almost every company now looks for tech-savvy employees who can develop software for various business dealings and monitor market trends.

Today, most systems have been computerized and programmed to perform certain tasks without the need for manual labor. It requires the expertise of computer scientists to develop these programs. Students who major in this field can pursue various careers, including data analyst, graphic designer, software engineer, systems analyst, games developer, and many others.

3. Engineering

Engineering has existed as a profession for a very long time now. However, it is still probably one of the best-known jobs that pay well and allows you to work anywhere in the world. The abundance of various disciplines within engineering like electrical, mechanical, civil, software, or chemical leads to numerous job opportunities. Wherever you choose to work, chances are there will be a need for your specialized degree one way or another. 

As an engineer with a well-earned degree and well-polished skills, you’re likely to land a job in the energy sector or with an international firm. Because they have offices around the globe, you can work in different countries without having to quit and start over each time. Chemical and oil companies often send their employees to different parts of the world for research, which allows them to travel and discover new cultures on the company’s dime.

4. Finance

When it comes to dealing with their economics, most companies cannot function without an accountant or a finance team. Students majoring in finance develop analytical skills that allow them to evaluate the financial status of enterprises and dissect financial statements. You can work for both national and international companies as a financial analyst to assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of monetary issues.

If you are good with numbers and are intrigued by stocks, markets, and bonds, you should consider pursuing a degree in the finance sector. Numbers, formulas, and analytical devices have universal applications, and that the skills and knowledge developed in one country are equally applicable to another. 

A background in finance opens up an extensive range of career opportunities in almost every industry. Some of these include professions like financial analyst, accountant, actuary, attorney, financial planner, and credit analyst. Before steering towards a specific career direction, ensure that your skills, interests, talents, and values align with your goals.

5. Education

There is a shortage of qualified teachers and professionals worldwide, despite the high demand for them. Education may not be a lucrative career, but it can be rewarding in other ways, such as by impacting the lives of others. In most countries, a degree in education specially in educational health will land you a teaching job and I have a positively impact the community. However, some countries may require certification and special licenses before permitting you to teach. You can also pursue other career opportunities in education, such as administration, curriculum development, school counseling, or even policy research.


Many prospective students dream of working abroad or working at international firms to further their careers and garner a high reputation among their peers. While it is wise to choose a degree that will likely land you a high-paying job, you should consider career paths that genuinely grab your interest. The key to success is passion, and without it, there is only so much a person can do.

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