Drive More Traffic & Sales with these Marketing Tips

November 8, 2021

Fighting for your audience’s attention is a constant struggle. You find it hard to get visitors to your site. Many times, strategies to drive traffic sounds more like gambling. You need a few things to add predictability to your efforts. Use these tips to understand what gets you more traffic to your page.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging gets you traffic from another site. You need not spend any money on this traffic.

But you must be an expert in your area. It is a necessary condition.

Create high-quality content that solves people’s problems. Make sure to address trendy issues in your industry. Somebody is not going to reject content from experts. So, work on your niche. It is a necessary condition for guest blogging.

Keep a few things in mind. Do not focus on promoting your page. Try to impart value. Your guest post is not about you. It is about the audience.

People will read your post only if it is informative. Ask yourself this question: Why should people devote their time to your post? Is it worth the time spent? Out of so many articles, why should they read yours?

Make sure to meet the site owner’s needs. He could have some suggestions. It could be long-form articles, simple sentences, or visually pleasing images.

You can add information about your site in the author’s bio. Avoid overdoing links. It harms the user experience.

Guest blogging services can get you enormous traffic. You will get recognized as an expert in a short time. So, work on mastering the craft of guest blogging.


Backlinks are essential to driving more traffic. However, getting quality links is not an easy feat. Some people are naturally good at it. But others have to work hard.

Combine guest posts and infographics. You get Guestographics. Brian Dean coined the term in 2016.

Guestographics combines two essential components of marketing. It is about adding the visual element to your content. The infographics will attract the attention of the audience. The content you write will help SEO. Guestograhics brings more traffic. In addition to that, it also helps you rank. The combined benefit is why it is powerful.

Brian Dean recommends five steps for guestographics.

These steps will get you more backlinks:

  1. Publish Infographic on your site:

Create relevant content. Back it with data and statistics. Do not stuff information. Say much in a few words and figures.

Organize your data in order of importance. Make sure it runs smoothly like a story. The design is crucial. It is the visually appealing element in your content.

  1. Link Targeting:

Target sites in your niche. Use Google to find out. Be more specific in your search.

  1. Pitching:

Start pitching your infographic. Send personalized emails. It should have the name and site name. Keep your mail short. Do not sell. Just try to find out if they like to see your infographic. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore can help you send personalized messages. If you live in another city, consider a digital marketing company there.

  1. Offer Free Content

Do not beg them to share your infographic. Offer to write a free guest post. The site owner will see the value. They will accept both your post and infographic.

  1. Get your link

Now, you can link your site. You have already published the post and infographic. You have more context now to include a link. Find a sweet spot where your link can sit.

Skyscraper Technique

The way to get backlinks is simple. Create high-quality content. Then promote it. But the hard part is how you implement them. How to tell good content from the bad ones is tricky. You need a system or a method to get backlinks consistently. It should work for all content.

Skyscraper Technique is what you need now. Brain Dean coined the term. He borrowed the imagery from the construction industry. Take the tallest skyscraper. Add more floors to it until it becomes the tallest building in the city. Same with this strategy.

The Skyscraper technique involves three steps.

  1. Find Linkable Content:

Find pages in your industry with lots of backlinks. First, you need to look for high-ranking content. Tools like SEO SpyGlass can help you analyze backlinks. Look for pages with multiple backlinks pointing to them. Use tools to find the content most shared on social media.

The sites with more backlinks and social media shares are “linkable assets”. You should identify these sites. To identify linkable assets, work with a digital marketing agency in Bangalore. You can also find a digital marketing company in another city.

  1. Improve upon the old:

Identify areas to improve in the content. It could be making the new post longer. Or you should add more information with facts and figures. Perhaps you can improve the storytelling part.

Remove outdated information from the latest ones. Make sure that the new design is attractive. Add more meat to the existing content.

  1. Outreach:

The final stage is reaching out to people. Try to get information about bloggers and experts in your niche. Make sure to contact industry people. They should know what you are doing. Send personalized emails. Once you get backlinks, thank them.

You will see visitors in a short time. These visitors will come from the same industry. Identifying quality leads becomes easier. And finally, it leads to more sales.


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