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March 15, 2023

The development of technology and how it has changed and improved over the years has had a positive impact on a lot of things for many different people. There are so many ways you can express ideas, communicate and share thoughts now and interestingly one of those ways is with tshirt printing Singapore or where you are. There are lots of ways to use printed tops to achieve different things. Express what beliefs you have, print funny slogans, get creative and wear something personal, advertise your business or products, create a team or staff uniform and more. You can also use this as a way to provide clients and customers with high-quality shirts.

Online printing services

When you look online you will see a lot of different garment printing businesses to choose from that offer custom-printed shirts and more. Using a number of different printing methods and professional equipment you can get different results depending on what you are looking for. For clients who intend to sell the shirts you are undertaking a business-to-business transaction and for those who are going to wear the garments, you are undertaking a business-to-consumer transaction. An example of a B2B client is fashion designers or shop owners who then mark up the garments to sell and make a profit.


When you need a lot of shirts you can order them in bulk and some printers offer a discount on that so your graphic tshirt printing can cost less per shirt. The standard for bulk orders is using screen printing but there are other options like heat transfer, DGT and vinyl cut, and you can also consider whether to add embroidery to the shirt. Embroidery costs more, you pay per stitch so consider carefully what size you opt for. There are different reasons to choose different printing methods, screen is great for bulk orders but not as good for highly detailed images or multi colors. DGT is great for photos and detailed images and lots of colors but costs more.


Another thing to look into when you are choosing a tshirt printing Singapore business is how good they are with delivery times. You can look online for reviews and see what clients have to say about whether things arrive on time when they order from them. If you know of anyone else that uses printing services you could talk to them about their experience, who they use and whether they would recommend them.



You can use the medium of graphic tshirt printing to share thoughts, express yourself, communicate a message and so on. You will want to think about the printing methods and the printing business you choose though so that you get the kind of quality you need. This quality is in the shirts themselves as well as in the printing efforts. People are more likely to wear them over and over when they are comfortable, and when they look good, whether it is for customers, to give away, as uniforms or for a local sports team!




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