How To Create Healthy Sleep Habits When Sharing A Bed With Your Partner

November 8, 2021

Whether you’re getting ready to move in with your partner or whether you’ve been sharing a bed with them for a while, it’s important to acknowledge that sharing a bed with your partner isn’t all hearts and flowers – especially if you have different sleep patterns and needs. 

Maybe one of you likes to sleep with the lights on, or has a snoring habit. It’s also possible that your twisting and turning in bed keeps your partner awake, or that your sleep routines just don’t match. If any of these problems sound familiar, or if you’re afraid that this might happen to you, keep reading.

Get the Right Mattress 

A lot of times, people don’t realize that the kind of mattress you have is incredibly important when it comes to getting quality sleep and maintaining a healthy sex life. This link explains how things like the bounce, firmness, and edge support in a mattress matters just in your sex life – all this isn’t to mention just how important the right firmness and heat conductivity etc are for healthy and deep sleep. 

The current mattress you and your partner are using might only work for one of you. If you find yourself constantly waking up with back, neck,and shoulder aches, maybe it’s time to have this conversation with your partner.

If you both prefer different firmness levels, you’ll either need to find some middle ground or buy an air mattress – both sides of which can be adjusted to different settings. 

Control Your Snoring 

If you or your partner snore, chances are only one of you is getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Take steps to get that snoring under control like avoiding alcohol before bed, maintaining a healthy weight, and trying to sleep more on your side. 

While you wait for these things to work, your partner can wear earplugs, try white noise, or even try to sleep before you so they don’t stay awake when you’re snoring. 

If these steps don’t help, maybe see a doctor and try devices and modern treatments to combat snoring. 

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene 

Good sleep hygiene means doing things that help you sleep better, like sleeping with the lights off, minimizing noise, and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and heavy meals before bed. 

If your partner is sleeping but you can’t, or if you wish to use your phone or any electronics before bed, make sure you do it outside the room. This way your partner won’t be disturbed. 

The ideal thing to do here, though, would be to make a strict bedtime and then stick to it – even on the weekends. 

No matter what happens and how you and your partner cope with this big change, you’ll both have to compromise and adjust a fair deal until you can maintain healthy sleep schedules and habits that don’t negatively influence others. 

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