What Are The Most Common Hobbies In The World?

November 10, 2021

When was the last time someone asked what you do for fun? Whether it is on a dating app, a night out, or just chatting with acquaintances who want to know more about you, you might feel a bit like a deer in the headlights. What is it you do when you are not sleeping, working, or dealing with your other responsibilities? 

If you need to jog your memory or want some inspiration as to a hobby you can pick up before you next encounter this question, consider some of the most popular hobbies across the United States and beyond. Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list — you may well enjoy a different activity entirely!


Of course, the act of playing video games is a ton of fun, whether you are playing solo or you are on a multiplayer quest. But that is not the end of gaming as a hobby. Diehard gamers also keep up with the latest gaming news and advice from resources like Hot Spawn, always looking out for updates and new releases. 

Outdoor Activities

In rural America, in particular, hobbies like hunting and fishing run rampant. When these anglers and outdoor enthusiasts are not deep in the woods or knee-deep in a river, they are always on the lookout for new gear and accessories. In a retail store or online, a trip to De Leon Sporting Goods is like Christmas morning for these hobbyists. Browsing ammo and firearms or everything you need for fly tying, you will be surrounded by other people who share your love for De Leon’s offerings. 


Maybe you like a little more physicality to your gaming habit? Then, you might prefer sports, ranging from golf and kickboxing to tennis and football. Of course, you like to browse your favorite sporting goods stores, too. But, when you are not popping in your mouth guard and hitting the field, you can always watch your favorite sports games on TV or in person.


Do you prefer your hobbies more solitary and serene? If so, you might be a reader! But do not let the cozy aesthetic of books, blankets, and warm cups of tea fool you — readers can experience quite the emotional rollercoaster as they make their way through a book or series. They may also be writers, in many cases, and spend plenty of time buying new books or organizing their shelves or TBRs

Crafting & DIY

Crafting & DIY is an umbrella term for a wide range of hobbies, from knitting and embroidery to up-cycling and sculpting. In addition to actually practicing their craft, these hobbyists get to shop for their favorite items and supplies and may even turn their passion into a small business, turning to Etsy shops or reselling. 


Do you play in a local band or orchestra? Do you sing along to the car radio, in the shower, or randomly throughout the day? Do you always have your headphones on, and a carefully curated playlist at the ready? If so, then your go-to hobby might very well be playing and/or enjoying music!


Yoga asanas and spin classes or weightlifting and long runs, working out is a popular hobby, and one its enthusiasts truly swear by. As a bonus, you are improving your quality of life, if not making lifesaving efforts by taking care of your body and mind! 


Of course, we all have to eat. But, for a lot of people, the true joy comes from making the meal or baking an elaborate dessert! Home chefs get to have the fun of their art, share the finished products with those around them, and even enjoy the fruits of their labor themselves.

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