4 Ways To Introduce Your Child To Engineering

November 11, 2021

Almost every human-made structure was built by an engineer; it’s safe to claim. Engineers and their talents are in high demand in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to finance. In this day and age, engineering after school education is critical not just to interest youngsters with engineering topics but also to assist them in developing the problem-solving abilities that all engineers build throughout their education.

Young Engineers also develop key skills such as the ability to think through complex challenges, cooperate with others, articulate human needs, and endure through mistakes.

Our children and kids should not have to wait until they are in college to begin investigating engineering and robotics after school as a career choice and developing these critical abilities. 

Here are four ways to get your child interested in engineering at any a:

Inform Them About Engineering

Many pupils have heard of engineers and those who work in the engineering field. The phrase “engineering,” on the other hand, is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of career pathways and talents. This is a wonderful place to start if your child has never had this conversation before. 

Use the following checklist as a starting point for your discussion:

  1. An engineer is a person who works with machinery, engines, structures, and even the environment to design, create, and maintain them. They contribute to the creation of everything around us.
  2. Discuss how an engineer assisted in the creation of some of the products you and your child use on a daily basis.
  3. Join Young Engineers’ popular after school programs for primary school students today. 

Explain that engineers are not limited to the construction of structures and machinery and that there are many other sorts of engineers

It’s difficult to keep track of all the different types of engineers. Try to come up with some with your child, and if they can’t, tell them the proper name. Structural engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, systems engineers, and material scientists, environmental engineers, manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, and chemical engineers, are some of the numerous categories of engineers.

Explain how the Engineering Design Process allows them to solve a variety of difficulties

Engineers use the Engineering Design Process to address complicated problems in a step-by-step manner. Understanding each stage of the process, as well as the goal of each stage, will help your youngster comprehend how engineers tackle complicated challenges. Talking over each step with your child is a good idea.

Find out what topics they are interested in and learn more about them.

Whatever topics pique your child’s interest, I’m sure an engineer is involved in some manner. Inquire about your child’s hobbies or likes at school or in the world around them. Then inquire, “How does this relate to engineering?” “Did an engineer create that or assist in the solution of that problem?” These are legit questions that Engineering after school programs address in the long run. 


These are all things you can do to pique your child’s interest in engineering. Try out these tactics.

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