Six Most Popular Countries In The World Every Self-Respecting Traveler Should Visit

November 12, 2021

People travel across borders for diverse reasons, such as relaxation, business, and so on. Some countries have good business potential due to their economic potential, while others are unique vacation hotspots boasting beautiful beaches, exotic cuisine, hot women, european, american, chinese girls etc. But irrespective of your reason for traveling, it is crucial to choose a country where you can feel at home and relaxed without worrying about run-ins with the law or locals. Therefore, we present to you a list of the most popular countries which every tourist should visit.


Iceland is home to 300,000 of the happiest nations in the world. Forget the fact that the country used to be a settlement for Vikings; modern-day Iceland is known for low homicide rates, few people behind bars, and even fewer terrorist activities. And another interesting thing about Iceland is the fact that it has a 100% literacy rate. According to 2021’s Global Peace Index (GPI), Iceland is the most peaceful country on earth, with its police force not needing to carry firearms in public. Icelandic citizens’ tolerant and friendly nature towards visitors and the accommodating laws make it an excellent destination for travelers.


Denmark has a population of 5.81 million people. In the current Global Peace Index, this country has 1.283 points, and it ranked the happiest country within the past four years. And when you realize that it boasts a welfare system better than most other countries provide, it is easy to see why Danish people are so jolly. But before traveling to Denmark, keep in mind that it has a high tax rate. However, the high taxes ensure a healthy, well-organized, and relaxed lifestyle for the Danes.


Portugal’s GPI score is 1.247, which indicates that it is a safe destination for travelers and residents. The country is also known as paradise; it boasts some of the most spectacular and superb coastal sceneries. Generally, Portugal is a lovely country with a good climate. It is indeed an option for every peaceful and self-respecting traveler to visit because of its low crime rate and delicious foods.


Austria has a score of 1.275 when pitted against other countries globally, putting it at a comfortable 6th position as far as peace is concerned. The country’s cities have nearly spotless streets, healthy environment, a sound transportation system, and low crime rates. And even with all these favorable conditions, life in Austria is surprisingly cheap; you can buy a bottle of wine for just $4. So if you are looking for a country that offers a low cost of living without resorting to poor living standards, you should head to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s homeland.


Singapore has a score of 1.321 in the Global Peace Index, a clear reflection of the low rate of international and domestic conflicts and a high level of social safety. This Asian destination tops the list of countries with the most orderly city-states in the world. It has a fantastic verdant landscape, making it a lovely country to tour. As long as you are ready to go there, Singapore will welcome you; it is a peaceful country with safe urban areas, tasty dishes, and friendly locals.


Canada is a peaceful country with calm and friendly citizens. In fact, they are so amicable that they have become subjects of international memes. But in reality, Canadians are living life to the max.

They have a high standard of living, as the average household income in Canada is $28,000 annually, making it one of the highest in the world. Canada offers excellent work opportunities with high recognition of meritocracy. So with its good economy, beautiful landscape, and friendly citizens, Canada closes our ranking of the most popular countries for self-respecting travelers.


Sometimes, tourists just want somewhere to visit and have fun without worrying about having negative experiences. This article recommends some of the most suitable countries for those kinds of travelers. The destinations above have beautiful cities, rich histories, competent governments and systems, and welcoming citizens. So if you have been burning the midnight oil researching the most suitable nation to match your peace-loving nature, start planning a trip to any of the countries on this list today.

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