When Do You Need An Emergency Dental Care?

November 13, 2021

Dental emergencies are a common phenomenon across the globe. Scores of people visit dentists every day. Most of them need treatment for broken or chipped teeth, bleeding gums, and other dental problems.

However, many people neglect their problem and do not visit an emergency dentist. Often people fail to recognize the fact that they need immediate help. This kind of neglect can escalate their existing dental issues.

So, to quickly understand what qualifies as an emergency dental situation, consider the below signs. Visit your local dentist immediately if you are facing any one of these:

Bleeding gums

Studies closely link oral health with the overall well-being of the body. So, it is crucial to check the health of your mouth, gums, teeth, and other oral aspects. Many people follow a strict oral care regimen for this reason. But when it comes to bleeding gums, some people are confused about what constitutes an emergency. It is usual for the gums to bleed a little after flossing or after being diagnosed with some form of gum disease. However, if the bleeding is extreme and persists for a considerable amount of time, it is undoubtedly a sign that you go for emergency dental appointments with your dentist as soon as possible. In many cases, severe gum bleeds are a sign of periodontal disease and must be dealt with on time.

Metallic taste in the mouth

A typical dental complaint that people have is that their mouth tastes like pennies. Since this taste can often come and go sporadically, most people tend to brush it off as nothing serious. But this can be a severe mistake.

If you taste metal in your mouth for no apparent reason, it is a sign of loose filling or crown. It is crucial to make a visit to your dentist at once in such cases, as a loose filling can quickly become infected or develop cavities. The only option left will be a root canal if you wait too long, which can be a painful experience.

Persistent toothache

There is nothing wrong with trying a few home remedies to soothe a toothache. But if the ache is too severe and refuses to go away, you should call your emergency dentist. Inexplicable toothaches are most often associated with dangerous gum diseases and other infections. It may also turn out to be an abscessed tooth, easily identified by a bump near the root of the aching tooth. It is typically accompanied by tooth sensitivity, fever, and swelling in the mouth or face.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should make an appointment with your dentist at the earliest possible.

Swollen jaw or mouth

People experience swelling in the face, mouth, or jaw unexpectedly. Swelling may be due to an infection, gum disease, or perhaps an issue of the lymph nodes. In most extreme cases, swelling may also be a sign of cancer. In such cases, the earlier the consultation and subsequent diagnosis, the better the chances of treatment. So, instead of trying to figure the reason out, it is best to seek the professional help of your dentist.

Besides the above-listed reasons, you should also consider visiting your dentist for broken crowns, fallen teeth, and exposed nerves.

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