How To Start Eating Dairy-Free

November 15, 2021

People go off dairy for several reasons, including intolerance, allergies, going vegan, or just by preference.

If you have had dairy for decades, the idea of going dairy-free can seem rather daunting. But, whatever your reasons are for going dairy-free, you should be happy to know that this choice has some excellent health benefits as well. 

Because making this leap can be challenging at first, here are some tips to help you make this transition.

Discover Substitutes

There are numerous dairy-free alternatives, including coconut drink, almond drink, soy drink, rice drink, and so on. These are not just healthier options; they taste great as well. 

Oat drink is a perfect substitute for your tea and coffee, while soy and cashew drink is thick and creamy, making them ideal for sauces. 

Try lactose-free yogurt in recipes and for drinking as well. 

Focus In What You Have

Aside from looking for substitutes, try to focus on what you have rather than what you will not have once you go dairy-free. 

There are numerous dairy-free restaurants today that allow dining-in and home deliveries. There are also hundreds of dairy-free recipes on the internet. With some effort, you can get a few recipes that you will love. 

Look at this transition as exploring new things rather than limiting yourself. 

Stock Your Snack Cupboard

Diet changes are often accompanied by hunger. Unfortunately, if you do not have dairy-free options on hand, you will quickly revert to the familiar. 

Have an array of snacks in your pantry. Also, have some desserts in your fridge or freezer. Unfortunately, dairy-free desserts are harder to come by. You can therefore be tempted to reach for dairy-based desserts when your sweet tooth strikes. However, having dairy-free options will help you stick to the new diet. 

Plan Ahead

Meal plans are useful with new diets as they prevent you from slipping up. Recipes and shopping lists are a big help here. 

These ensure you know what you are having for lunch or dinner on any day of the week. They also ensure you have all the required ingredients on hand. When you have everything you need, the need to get takeout-which might have dairy-is negated. 

If you will be having a meal or visiting with relatives, ensure to communicate your dairy-free diet requirements. Ask about dairy-free diets in hotels when planning for vacations as well. 

Keep Tabs On Nutritional Needs

You might miss out on certain important nutrients once you choose to go dairy-free. These include Calcium, vitamin D, and protein. 

Once you decide to go dairy-free, start thinking about other foods that offer these nutrients. At the end of the day, where they come from doesn’t matter. What matters most is that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. 

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