4 Ways To Improve Tourism In Your City

November 22, 2021

Canada welcomes millions of tourists every year, who then generate significant revenue for the country.  Naturally, some locations in Canada receive more visitors than others for various reasons. Because of the potential revenue tourism brings, local authorities are always looking to attract more tourists. If this is something you could benefit from, here are four ways to improve tourism in your city. 

1. Look Into Bike Share

The most tourist-friendly cities tend to have a vibrant transportation system. This is because tourists want to be able to go to different destinations quickly and with ease. This means looking beyond a reliable train and bus system. 

If you want to provide unparalleled flexibility, consider a bike-share system. There is a lot to be said about the ability to cycle around in a city without the restrictions of public transportation. Also, being able to stop anywhere at any time to see different things and interact with locals. This is the experience bike-share accords your visitors. 

If you do not have a bike-share program, talk to a bike rental system manufacturer and see how you can go about it.

2. Sell Yourself

There are probably tens of fun, interesting, exciting things about your city that you would love others to experience. First, however, you need to get the word out through marketing. 

Create a marketing strategy that targets both domestic and international tourists. Similarly, look to market experiences, not just destinations. For example, invest in culinary tours, child-friendliness, culture tours, and activities for guests. Visitors that have an emotional connection to a place will visit over and over. This is achievable through creating experiences, not just attractions.

3. Get Feedback

You might feel that you are going above and beyond to appease tourists as a city. But are you really? There is only one way to find out how well you are doing, and that’s by asking. So find as many opportunities to get feedback from guests as possible. You need to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what you could improve on. 

The next step is to plow back this information to ensure you make the changes required to elevate your city into a world-class, coveted tourism destination. 

4. Focus on Safety

Canada is the 6th safest country in the world. This notwithstanding, there are still a few isolated incidents here and there. With an increase in solo travelers globally, safety has become a primary concern for tourists. While most cities in Canada have little to worry about, it helps to let potential tourists know about the safety of the cities and the strategies in place to ensure they enjoy their vacations fully. 

Develop The Attractiveness of Canada

While Canada enjoys healthy patronage when it comes to tourism, more numbers are always welcome. Cities can use these tips to attract more travelers and enjoy the revenue that comes with a booming tourist industry. 

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