What If You Were Not Treated Right In The ER?

November 22, 2021

None of us want to end up in the emergency room, but it is not like we choose to go there. You may have slipped and fallen down the stairs, cut your hand open trying to open a bag of frozen food, maybe woke up with neck pain that got worse and worse until you could barely move your head. Whatever the reason is, getting fair and timely treatment is a right. You should never accept poor quality care in the emergency room to say the least. So what happens when you are? You do not have to wait until the horrible experience is over, you can do something while you are there. To avoid all these hassles, you must visit only reputed Warren Urgent Care.

Record Everything

Thanks to the great technology in our hands, we can record everything that happens to us with just a swipe and press. So if you are in the ER, not getting treatment, record yourself. Give a brief introduction to the camera to let a potential court of law know who you are, what is wrong with you in terms of injury, and your treatment thus far; or lack thereof. It is wise to state the time, how long you have been in the ER, the pain you are in, any treatments they have given you, the hygiene level and the politeness or communication from staff. Nothing captures the really bad treatment than a POV recording of your situation, in the actual ER, surrounded by staff who aren’t doing what they should. A legal team full of medical malpractice attorneys would love to work with this kind of evidence to build your case and demand compensation for the anxiety and suffering you went through.

Make It Known 

Many people working in the ER are good people; they are just swamped with the workload. It may not be their fault, but the hospital’s due to poor shift patterns, lack of hiring, lack of funding etc. so just make it known that you are not happy with the service. Tell one of the nurses or doctors that you are unwell, you don’t feel like you are getting the proper care and that you would like it now, or you would like a way to make a formal complaint. It will go against you in court, if you did not actually do this, and just kept your opinion to yourself. It could be counted as making it up after the fact.

Ask For The Report

Many times, people come into the ER with just a migraine but due to not being treated, hours later they are not nauseous, vomiting and having a mentally distressing episode. So your condition could actually worsen inside the hospital; ironic but not funny. So always ask for your report, which should track how the condition worsened over time and this can then be a clear sign you were not treated properly.

Emergency rooms are hectic and busy, so you should not expect to be waited on hand and foot. But, and it is a pretty big but, you should get timely and adequate care. 

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