Keeping Your Home Whole: Six Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Siding

November 22, 2021

When it comes to home improvement, replacing your home’s siding may be the last thing on your list. Many homeowners would rather touch up their home’s siding with a quick coat of paint rather than completely replace each panel. However, siding plays a far more important role in the functionality of your home than just aesthetics. High-quality siding will combat debris, shelter your home from the elements, provide insulation, and keep out pesky pests like bugs and rodents. 

All Siding Needs To Be Replaced At Some Point 

No matter what kind of siding is protecting your house, it will have to get replaced at one point or another. As siding ages, it begins to break and crack, and if left untreated, it could cause significant issues to the structure of your home. If the siding is damaged enough that water begins to seep in, you will have to pay high costs to fix the issue. Therefore, it is best to reach out to your trusted Chicago siding companies before the issue causes even more damage.  

Not only will replacing your siding at the right time increase the value of your home, but it will save you money and a headache in the long run.  Here are the telltale signs you need to replace your siding. 

1. Extremely Faded Siding 

One of the easiest ways to tell if your siding has seen better days is its color. If you notice that the siding’s color is drastically fading, it is time to take action and call your local Siding company. Fading siding means that it has started to oxidize, which diminishes its weatherproofing capabilities. If you are unsure if the color is fading, run your finger alongside the siding. If you noticed a chalky white residue, it could be time for a replacement. 

2. Presence Of Mold 

If you notice any type of growth of mold or fungus along the seams of your siding, it could mean that water has found its way underneath. While not a major cause for concern at first, it could lead to more severe problems if left untreated. According to the Center for Disease Control, exposure to mold can lead to allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, and fatigue, among other health issues. If too much water seeps through your siding, mold could infiltrate your house, causing unsafe air conditions. 

3. Cracked Or Rotted Siding

If you notice that your home’s siding is rotting and crumbling before your eyes, it is time for an immediate replacement. Crumbling siding means that water not only found its way past the siding but has penetrated the fibers of the wood. Alongside rotting, you may notice that your siding is warped or cracked in comparison to other panels. It is then best to replace the siding before the rotting spreads, and further decay occurs. 

4. Blisters And Bubbles Cover Your Siding

Another strong indicator that your home’s siding is failing and trapping moisture is the formation of bubbles and blisters on the surface of your siding. Trapped water and moisture could lead to more significant damage, such as mold or decay. 

5. In Need Of Frequent Painting

If you find yourself repainting your house every couple of years, it could be time to replace the siding. Damaged siding makes it harder for the paint to withstand the elements, causing it to crack, chip, and peel prematurely. 

6. Increased Energy Bills

Aside from protecting your house from moisture, quality siding is designed to insulate your home. If you noticed that your heating or cooling bills have gone up for no apparent reason, it could be a siding issue. Old or damaged siding could allow hot or cold air to escape your home, resulting in increased energy bills each month.

Replace Before It Is Too Late

Waiting too long to replace your home’s siding could lead to further damage and cost you thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs. Follow these telltale signs of failing siding to protect your wallet and your home. 

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