November 29, 2021

Hair is a sensitive subject for many; it is more so for people of African American descent. In America, racism has been long prevalent, and it is still very much alive in many parts of the country; it would be ignorant of one to deny racism in America. Racism has also contributed to people’s outlook in constituting beauty standards. For long, dark skin tone was not considered pretty, so was kinky hair. People were mocked and shamed for having kinky hair and a natural African hairstyle. 

In recent times, a shift can be seen in beauty standards in Pop Culture. These days, features of black women are fetishized and appropriated by while women at large. For example, you can see celebrities like Kylie Jenner adding lip fillers to get fuller lips that resemble the lips of Black People. She also frequently changes her hairstyle, resembling the hairstyling of black women. Popstar Ariana Grande has completely changed her look to attract fans from diverse backgrounds. 

Whether liked or hated by people, black women are here to stay, and so are their hairstyles. Not many stylists know how to deal with black women’s hair. Continue reading this article to learn more about how one can treat black women’s hair. 


Wash Hair Frequently: Many people go for weeks without washing their hair, but this practice should be avoided. Washing the hair allows the hair care products to be washed off, which otherwise would accumulate on the scalp of the hair, causing harm. Every hair has a cuticle layer that protects the hair from damage. Now, black hair has a thinner cuticle, which makes it prone to further damage. Furthermore, people of African American descent have fewer hair follicles than white people, causing hair loss more visible for black women. 


·         Wash hair once or twice a week to remove all the hair care products from the hair. Washing hair weekly will also help moisturize dry hair. Curly hair easily breaks while dressing; therefore, avoid combing your wet right after washing it. 

·         People with dandruff need to wash their hair more times a week. They may also visit a salon for a hair spa treatment once a week. The goal should be finding a spa that knows how to treat a black woman’s hair. 

·         Search for a local hair salon to have easy access to the salon. For example, one living in Texas may look for Arlington, TX beauty Salon to find the best hair therapy available. 


Moisturizing Is Necessary: Black hair needs moisturizers, a lot of it. Choose from a wide range of moisturizers to find the one suited to your needs. Be sure to keep the hair moisturized to avoid breakage. You may also opt for oil therapy a couple of times a month. Hot oil therapy is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent, where they apply coconut oil to their hair to keep it shiny. For deep continuing hair therapy, you may use coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter oil, or emu oil. 



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