Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture

April 7, 2022

Australia, the smallest continent, has many scenic locations that attract people worldwide. Australian weather is primarily dry, and many houses in Australia have spacious patios and garden areas for relaxing after a busy day. People buy furniture for various reasons like for sitting, sleeping or storage. The furniture they buy changes according to their needs, expressing their style. Furniture made of wood, metal and stone is popular at all times. Chairs, sofas and recliners are commonly bought as indoor furniture. Like the Fermob in Australia, popular brands have wrought iron chairs and tables suitable for patios and garden areas.

Best outdoor furniture

Choosing the right frame is essential when buying outdoor furniture, and the frame material is a crucial factor that decides the durability and life of the furniture. The following are the most robust and most reliable frames for outdoor furniture.

  • Wood

Wooden frames provide a comfortable feeling, and it gives a flawless and natural look. However, it needs to be maintained well to look good. The furniture is strong, solid, and lasts for many generations. They are easy to clean and are mostly made from oak, maple, and walnut. You can check out This online store offers a wide selection of outdoor furniture with the designs that are both modern and timeless.

  • Wicker

Wicker frame furniture is naturally resistant to water, mildew and mould. They are lightweight and easy to move. It is a good choice for spacious areas where furniture is arranged in different designs. Though they are light, they are incredibly strong and do not get damaged easily.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel frames give a modern look to the outdoor areas. It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. They are very durable, and maintaining them is easy. It offers a sleek and contemporary look to the place. It doesn’t wear out quickly and lasts for decades.

  • Wrought Iron

Wrought iron frame is the most durable and long-lasting for outdoor furniture. Its reliability and durability are the most important reasons for choosing them for backyards and patios. They are easy to clean and become very comfortable by adding a few cushions.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium frames are lightweight and durable. The furniture does not rust and needs only minimum maintenance. It has become the most popular metal for outdoor furniture because it can be easily made into intricate shapes.

Factors that affect the outdoor furniture frames

  • Rain and Humidity

Rain and humidity can bring changes to the furniture. If the furniture is not dried well after rain, the water content in it can lead to mould and mildew, which can lead to skin irritation and respiratory problems in people using it.

  • Rust and Corrosion

Outdoor furniture frames made of iron or iron-based material have a chance to rust after some years. Initially, red and brown flakes appear on the furniture, and if the corrosion of metal is left untreated, they will eat the iron and damage the furniture.

  • Mildew and Mould

Mould and mildew appear when there is considerable moisture in the air. Mildew is a mould that occurs when the furniture is kept in a damp, dark and warm place. It has a powdery appearance. Mould is blue or green and appears slimy or fuzzy. 

  • High Temperature

The hot sun and high temperatures fade, darken or cause irreversible damage to the outdoor furniture. Sun damage happens when the furniture is left outdoors, in the harsh UV rays from the sunlight for a long time.

Popular brands like the Fermob in Australia pay more attention to the furniture frames to make them durable and last forever. Outdoor furniture adds to the beauty of the place and makes the area look warm and inviting.

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