How to Edit eCommerce Images Like a Pro

April 30, 2022

You know how important photos are if you’re running an eCommerce store. It can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of a product. 

Editing photos for your eCommerce site is important for creating a professional and appealing online presence. Edited photos look better, but they can also help you capture your target audience’s attention. Using the right photo editing software can improve your photos’ clarity, contrast, and color, making them look their best. In addition, editing can help you to reduce the number of photo uploads you need to make on your website.

Additionally, it can help sell products, capture memories with customers, and show off your brand. But editing photos can be a daunting task. If you are one of them who are struggling with eCommerce images, here are some great tips to help you. 

  • Proper plan

Planning is an important part of any organization’s operation. It helps ensure that tasks are completed in an orderly and efficient manner and that resources are allocated effectively. Planning also allows for the development of contingency plans in case of unexpected events.

When you edit eCommerce photos, you must have a solid plan. What you want from these photos, ask yourself first? Sometimes, you may only need white background product photos. In some cases, you may need to add shadows, fix imperfections, color correction, etc. If you know well about your goal, the editing process will be much simpler. And it is the key to editing eCommerce images. 

  • Background Removal

eCommerce images background removal is a process that removes the background of an image, making it suitable for use in an online store. By removing the background, eCommerce images can be more easily customized and tailored to meet the needs of the store’s customers. This process can also help improve the store’s overall look and feel. You can draw buyers’ attention to your product photos, and it helps to increase store sales. 

There are lots of photo editing programs online for removing backgrounds. If you can afford it, adobe photoshop will be the best editing program for editing eCommerce photos. In this program, you may use several tools to remove the background. But photo clipping path is the most effective strategy for removing the background. 

Though it is time-consuming, it may give you the best outcome. Hiring the best clipping path service provider will be the perfect solution if you don’t have enough time. You can outsource this task to your budget—lots of company available online for providing this service. 

  • Color Correction

The importance of color correction for eCommerce stores cannot be overstated. Poor color can disrupt the entire shopping experience, turning potential customers away before they can explore your products. It’s important to ensure your colors are on point so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for and make a purchase.

If your store is suffering from poor color reproduction, it’s important to take action. Additionally, a store can sell the multi-colored product. If you hire to capture photoshoots for each color, it may take more time and money. But, if you use re-coloring techniques, you may create multiple colored products in a few minutes. It helps to increase store sales. Your customer can feel better as they can choose their expected color product. 

  • Fix Imperfection

Product images are one of the most important aspects of an online store. Since customers are often first impressions of a product, it is important to make sure they are impressed. However, many eCommerce stores overlook the importance of fixing imperfections in their product images. This can lead to lost sales and negative customer reviews. By taking the time to fix imperfections, a store can create a more positive first impression and increase sales.

However, fixing imperfections includes lots of work like background removal, shadow creation, color correction, dust removal, product cleaning, photo retouching etc. While you edit eCommerce photos, you must focus on each element that can help create appealing product photos. Hiring an eCommerce image editing service provider will be the best decision if you don’t know how to do it perfectly. 

  • Shadow Creation

Shadow creation is an important aspect of product images for an eCommerce store. It helps shoppers visualize the product in their environment and helps create a realistic experience when shopping on the web. Additionally, creating shadows can help emphasize certain product features and make them more visually appealing. By taking these simple steps, eCommerce store owners can create visually appealing images and use images for customers.

  • Mannequin Removal

There is an increasing trend for eCommerce stores to remove mannequin images from their product images. This is because mannequin images can be distracting and take away from the focus of your product. By removing mannequin images, you can increase the quality of your images and give your customers a better experience when browsing your store.

Therefore, images of products without a mannequin can be more effective in convincing potential buyers to make a purchase. Additionally, it can help reduce the amount of time that is spent browsing the website. If potential customers are not drawn to the product due to outdated or irrelevant mannequin images, they may move on to another site altogether.


In conclusion, editing images for eCommerce can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and a proper plan, it can be done like a pro. By removing the background, correcting color, adding shadows and fixing imperfections, you can make your images look their best and help increase sales.


By following the editing areas above, you can quickly and easily edit your eCommerce images to make them look their best. This will help improve the product image appearance of your online store and encourage customers to make a purchase. So don’t be afraid to give it a try; you may be surprised at how easy it is.

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