Beard Care: The Importance Of Beard Oil

April 7, 2022

Beard and maintaining beards are two entirely different things. The former is relatively easy to handle, but the latter can be very challenging than expected! Indeed, the maintenance of a beard requires time to take so as not to look neglected and fall back into certain ridiculous stereotypes. Having a shiny and soft beard takes some effort. But thankfully enough, there are many products available at your disposal to maintain your beard. And even if the offer is varied, there is a product that every bearded man must have at home: beard growth oil. It is not just a fashionable product. Its moisturizing properties are essential assets for having a beautiful beard.

Beard oil is one of the 3 essential beard care products.

It is one of the three essential beard care products and beard balm and mustache wax. Generally, beard oil has organic oil (jojoba oil, argan, etc.) and essential oils. The organic oil represents about 90% of the composition, and it will allow the skin to support the essential oils. Without organic oil, essential oils can irritate the skin, making this blend necessary. 

Beard oil contains a blend of both organic and essential oils.

Organic oils provide vitamins and other mineral salts. Essential oils are those that will give the fragrance of the oil. Their combined effect will soften and also tame your beard. As said earlier, beard oil is generally a mixture of organic oils such as grape seed oil, known for its lubricating and moisturizing properties. There is also jojoba oil commonly used in high-end cosmetics, oil of argan with multiple benefits whose reputation is second to none.

Other ingredients, such as rosemary, help limit itching and treat acne under the hair or safflower oil recommended for sensitive skin. Thanks to this set of oils, beard oil can make your fleece soft, clean, and healthy.

Why use beard oil?

  • You should use beard oil because it hydrates hair and skin.
  • It also aids you in softening your beard. In other words, no more itchy beards.
  • It helps to discipline your fleece.

Why beard oil is essential?

The three main actions of beard oil are:

  • Hydration 

We can never repeat it enough, but hydration is more than essential! The ingredients in beard oil make it possible to hydrate in-depth and act as your skin as on the hairs. Regular application will allow you to have a shiny and well-groomed beard. Conversely, your beard will have a fuzzy appearance without any maintenance, which is not great for aesthetics, but it will also have other skin problems.

  • Eliminate dandruff

Yes, you read correctly! Beard oil will nourish the skin under a mass of hair and minimize the risk of dandruff. Poorly hydrated skin will become irritated, scaly, and inevitably give dandruff.

  • The oil perfumes your beard

The combination of organic oils and essential oils and nourishing and moisturizing skin and hair will delicately perfume your beard! And products from the Bossman brand offer several scents for their oils. A finely scented beard is the final touch, the ultimate, the secret weapon in the arsenal of the modern, well-groomed man!

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