Four Simple Tips To Choosing The Right Bunk Bed

December 9, 2021

The traditional beds are not in the list of new generation because the bunk beds have become very popular everywhere. It is not about the kids only, the people prefer bunk beds for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults as well. The bunk beds have become an alternative of traditional beds and single beds that were more in use in 90s and early 2000 across various parts of USA.

The bunk bed manufacturers have crafted twin bunk beds for kids, full size bunk beds for teenagers & adults and queen/king size bunk beds for multiple adults. The toddlers and young kids can also use the lower bed of a low bunk bed under an adult’s supervision. So, you should be careful to choose the right bunk bed that meets your needs.

Four Simple Tips to Choose the Right Bunk Bed

The bunk beds are made in various sizes and designs to provide comfortable sleeping for kids, adults and everyone. Every family needs a bunk bed but not all of them are looking for the same bunk bed. The type, size and design of the bunk bed should be capable enough to fulfill all your needs and priorities. Here we provide some simple tips to help you to choose the right bunk bed for your family.

#1. Bunk Bed For Toddlers

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that a child under 6 years should not use the upper bunk (top bed) of a bunk bed. So, we strictly advise you not to allow your toddler to sleep on the top bunk, but there is no restriction for the lower bunk. The toddler can use the lower bed of a bunk bed for sleeping and having rest, but you have to buy a low bunk bed for toddlers to fulfill your little one’s wish.

You can choose a triple bunk bed with stairs, drawers, and storage shelves. These bunk beds are also knowns as low profile bunk beds and low height bunk beds. The low bunk beds are the safest bunk beds for toddlers and young kids (under 6 years) to use at home. However, it is strongly recommended to allow your toddler(s) to sleep on the lower bed of the bunk bed only under an adult’s supervision.

The low bunk beds have lower bunk close to the floor surface. That’s why they are also known as floor bunk beds. The lower bunk is close to the floor, so the overall height of a low bunk bed is between 46-inch and 60-inch. Such a low height make the low bunk beds suitable for toddlers and low ceiling rooms. So, you should choose a low bunk bed for toddlers and/or if you have a room with low ceiling height.

#2. Bunk Bed For Kids

When you have the kids of 6 years and older, you should get the best bunk bed for kids that provides all the features you want. You can choose a twin over twin bunk bed with ladder or stairs with drawers and storage shelves. Some bunk beds also include a slide to provide amazing playing fun for kids. Your kids can play on the bunk bed slide during day time and sleep on the bed at night.

The bunk beds for kids are made in various sizes to meet the need of various families. For two kids at a time, you should buy a twin bunk bed. If you want a bunk bed for three kids then buy a twin over full bunk bed or a triple twin bunk bed. For more than three kids, you should choose a twin over full bunk bed with trundle or full over full bunk bed with enough sleeping space and required weight limit.

#3. Bunk Bed For Teenagers And Adults

The teenagers are taller than kids and also heavy weighted, so they can’t fit in a twin bunk bed. You should choose a full over full bunk bed or queen size bunk bed or king size bunk bed to accommodate multiple teenagers and adults at the same time. The full size bunk beds have large sleeping space and higher weight capacity to hold the weight of multiple teenagers/adults at once.

The full size, queen size and king size bunk beds are larger in size and require more floor space than kids bunk beds. You should have enough floor space and minimum 8-foot or higher ceiling height to accommodate such a large bunk bed in your room. It is recommended to check the bunk bed dimensions and bed height before you buy a bunk bed for adults and teenagers.

#4. Bunk Beds That Separate

Some bunk beds are made with a rigid design, that means you have to use it as a bunk bed and no other way. On the other hand, many bunk bed brands make high quality bunk beds that separate into two twin beds or two full size beds. So, such versatile bunk beds can be useful when you have multiple guests and they want to sleep in different rooms.

The separable bunk beds come in different sizes like twin over twin bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, full over full bunk beds and others. When you split the bunk bed, you can use it as two separate beds side by side or you can place one bed in a room and other bed in another room. You should check if a bunk bed is separable at the time of purchase.

Final Verdict

The bunk beds are available in various types, sizes and designs. We have explained about how you can select a bunk bed based on the targeted users/sleepers. We hope that our suggested tips have brought clarity to your mind and you can now choose the right bunk bed for toddlers or kids or teenagers and adults as per your needs. In case you still have a doubt or query regarding how to choose a bunk bed then you can ask us in the comment box. We will answer your queries to resolve them.

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