Five Tips To Lose Weight Before Christmas

December 9, 2021

Christmas is all about furs and blankets and Santa Clause dresses. But, most of us won’t epitomize the big fat belly of Santa Clause. Instead, we try to fit into our best cardigans before the festive time. 

But, often, our reckless diet plans get in the middle and distract us from getting to the shape that our heart wants. So, if you are wondering how to achieve that sweet little goal of yours, here is our article to assist you in making progress. We share five tips following which you can finally reach the position to order that beautiful leather jacket you wish listed before. 

Strength training

One of the most obvious but hardest ways to kick off the regime is training your core strengths. Winters are not the best time to leave the blanket and get ready to sweat, but that is what will provide you the delight you want. It will also help in the reduction of belly fat and eventually burn your calories. 

The beauty sleep

Due to rigid work schedules, we often do not get the amount of sleep that our body regularly needs. But, to be healthy, you need to make room for your rest. Give your body a rest of 7-8 hours; the likelihood of gaining weight will reduce drastically. 

Inadequate sleep leads to hunger hormone imbalance, increasing the appetite, and you will end up eating more than required. 

Diet plan

After reading this, you might very well take a pause and think, the case was most possibly the other way round. No doubt that is, but many applications are also being created to check our health. The virtual world has opened up several avenues to keep our health spic and span. 

Creating a proper diet plan with proper allocations to protein, carbs, and fat can lead to measured eating.  


Most of the time, we pay more attention to solid food intake. But, if you are a fitness freak, you will have to include beverages in your list. Soft drinks or hard drinks should have no place in your drink chart. 

You should also avoid any drinks having sugar in them. All these will lead to more belly fat. If you want to drink something other than water, then green tea is a great alternative. 

Also, avoid drinking water after your meal. Studies have shown that people drinking water before having their meals contributed to increasing weight loss considerably. 

You can very well plan your solid food and drinks chart at


Increasing iron intake is a must if you are determined to lose weight. Iodine, iron impact the thyroid gland. We all know, an imbalance in that will tamper with your metabolism. 

If you have the symptoms of iron deficiency, such as breath shortness, weight gain, fatigue, and weakness, then do a check-up. So, weight gain being a major consequence of iron deficiency, you should keep track of that. 

Final thoughts 

So, these are the five fast solutions to one ever-lasting problem of weight gain. If you want to decrease your waist size by Christmas and eat cakes without worrying about excess calorie intake, then this is your best solution. 

Make a good diet plan, start exercising or walking, drink as much water as possible and detox your body. Rest assured, your festivities will end up being great!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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