Author’s tours: the pros, cons, and nuances

December 18, 2021
Author's tours

Author’s tours

What are author tours? What are their special features, nuances and differences from package tours or independent travel?

Various author trips with travelers to exotic and interesting countries have recently become very popular. This option is now actively developing and more and more communities and companies are calling for interesting sightseeing tours. So I decided to learn a little more about them and talk to the experts of author tours.

The traveler now has a choice: to organize his own trip, apply to a travel agency and choose a tour or choose an author’s tour and go with other travelers.

Each of these options has pros and cons. To say which one is better – you can not, you can only learn the nuances, weigh the factors and determine what is more interesting and profitable for you at the moment.
Over the past couple of years, independent travel is developing very actively and more and more people who do not want to buy tours in firms and go to “traveled” places. So author’s tours from different travel communities, bloggers and companies have become very popular.

As I think this option is perfect for those who do not have a partner for his trip, who is still afraid to go in a “free float” or want to travel with a twist.

But the pros and cons are better to talk about with those who are well versed in such author trips. 

The agency, as a rule, offers you accommodation and flight/fare. And what to do there is up to the tourist. You have to spend time and study the region yourself, create a route, calculate your budget, etc. And another important point – usually you fly yourself or with your group (if the stars aligned in the sky, and all friends were able to fly with you)! In fact, there is no way to expand your social circle by making new and interesting acquaintances on an all-inclusive trip.

By purchasing an all-inclusive tour, a person gets a comprehensive product. He does not need to take care of anything: spend time on drawing up a program, buying tickets, booking hotels, renting a car, insurance, entrance tickets to certain places (and in some of them you need to buy tickets for a couple of months before the arrival!) The main task for the person who flies with us is not to miss the plane from New York, and we’ll do the rest.

Another important advantage of the author’s tours is the company! As a rule a group similar in age and interests is chosen. You can fly on your own and be sure that you will not be alone, but in a circle of like-minded people! As already mentioned – this is the main reason why came into existence. There are a lot of people who can’t find the right company when they travel. Friends seem to want to fly with you, but there’s always something stopping them from doing it, and putting your life on hold just because you have no one to go on a trip with is stupid! So get out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to travel with new people, and maybe tomorrow you’ll be surrounded by the right people ready to share your interests!

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