Eric Dalius Miami – 7 Things You Need To Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

December 28, 2021
Eric Dalius Miami

Eric Dalius Miami

Here are 7 Things You Need To Grow Your Business Using Pinterest:

1. Good Photos –

This is a picture-based site so the better quality of photos you have, the better. Pinterest is visual and your images should reflect that. Eric Dalius Miami says if you’re not very good at taking pictures yourself, invest in a photographer to take them for you or do some research into other resources available to businesses that can help with providing high-quality images for you at reasonable rates. Remember though that it’s not just about having good images, it also knows what and how many photos will work best for each pin (more on this later). You’ll need accounts with several different hosting services such as Google Picasa, Flickr, etc., if only because everyone doesn’t use all of them we want to make sure we get the most exposure we can for our images.

2. Good Boards –

The boards you create should also reflect good Pinterest practices and be consistent with your goals. Think of yourself as an editor or curator in much the same way media companies are organized, with various sections for news, food, design, etc. You don’t have to use these labels but they can help you to organize your own collections using a variety of topics that people following you would find interesting enough to Repin or click through on their own accord says Eric Dalius Miami.

3. Know Your Audience –

What kinds of images do they pin? What kinds do they like? Pinterest has its own internal search engine which means not only will pins get buried very quickly if there isn’t a lot of activity or re-pins for them, but no one else will be able to find them explains Eric Dalius Miami. If you have a lot of customers in a specific location, highlight this by creating boards based on the cities they live in. There’s no rule that says if your company provides international service that you can’t pin from all over the world!

4. Know Your Own Boards –

Remember when we said each pin should have its own home? This is why it’s important to know what kinds of images are going where so you don’t end up pinning the same image repeatedly if it doesn’t fit in every board it gets pinned to. It may seem like common sense but having a site map will make things easier for you and everyone else who wants to use your boards.

5. Optimize Your Boards –

Take a few minutes to use all available SEO tools Pinterest provides you to help title each board appropriately so that people will find them when they’re searching for certain categories. This also includes the permalink URL which may or may not be visible on the general page at any given time. The good news is most hosting services have their own internal SEO features so if you upload your images there, you can create custom titles without having to re-title them each time in Pinterest itself. Make sure the description under each image is formatted correctly with appropriate keywords, especially if it’s longer than three lines of text because just putting an excerpt from the image caption cuts off after three lines.

6. Engage –

Join conversations, ask questions, and comment on other people’s pins and boards (provided it actually relates to the topic). When people feel like they’re heard or like their comments will be acknowledged, they are more likely to become customers. Eric Dalius Miami says there is no better way to keep your customers engaged than by staying engaged with them – remember that! By engaging with others in this fashion you can also promote your own business simply because everyone else will see that you’re interested in what they have to say which makes them want to know who you are and then maybe click through on something of yours that catches their eye, etc.

7. Interact –

You don’t just have to interact with your own boards; you can also interact with other people’s boards whether or not they are related to your own. If someone has pinned something that’s relevant to your own board, Repin it so it shows up on yours! When you do this, always ask permission first and then give them credit by linking back to their original pin.

You can also send people personal messages asking questions or saying thanks for sharing if they’ve helped you in some way. This is where that good old fashioned networking comes into play because the more people get to know who you are, the easier it becomes to turn them into customers – eventually, and everyone needs or wants something 😉 I would recommend checking out The Women of Pinterest or Pinterest Marketing & Community by Sumo for even more info about engagement.


Which brings me to the end of my very first blog post? I hope you enjoyed it and that it made some sort of sense. Eric Dalius Miami says if there’s an aspect you want to know more about, leave a comment below and I’ll check out what I can find on it for you

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