Why Choose Cleaning Companies: Types Of Cleaning Companies

January 3, 2022

Cleaning is the process of clearing the house from infection, allergy, dust and mud and making it free from all kinds of diseases, viruses and infections. It is to make your living space free of offensive odors and free it from any other type of contamination.

What is more beautiful than having a peaceful goodnight sleep in a well-organized room, where you know that you don’t have to wake up in chaos and that every part of your house is well maintained and clean. Of course, it is a hectic job but let me assure you one thing that it is worth it.

Well, cleaning is not only confined to houses but also to commercial areas as well like hospitals, offices, etc. Professionals like Nordjouren provides all kinds of cleaning services and it is good to take help from them. They not only work in commercial areas but also in residential areas.

Types of cleaning companies

Well, there are many types of Rengøringsfirma. Let us discuss some of them with you:


The duties of the cleaning service include; Making the space disinfected by mopping, vacuuming and, sweeping. Dusting furniture, light fittings, ceiling fans. Cleaning the toilets by scrubbing and sanitizing. The sinks, taps, and every corner of the toilet. To clean the kitchen that includes cleaning of the floor, slabs and appliances, stove and cleaning of utensils. Clearing out the trash of the house. Washing and drying of windows of the house, etc. To put everything in the house right in order. Cleaning bedrooms and bed sheets. To take care of the lawn area.


The commercial cleaning includes routine and general cleaning. Cleaning, mopping and sweeping of floors, tiles, ceilings. Cleaning of furniture and hallways, ceilings, the kitchen area, windows of that commercial area, and the cleaning and dusting of all the rooms. Last but not least, vacuum the carpet areas.


There are two types of laundry services, one is self-service and for the other, there is a team who cleans your delicate fabric with care and dries it and presses it and gives back to you all your nicely done clothes.


In this time of pandemic of covid-19, it is now more important to keep your working or living area free of viruses and infection. The Sanitization and disinfection method keeps your working area free of viruses that will help you prevent the covid-19 as well as from other diseases.


Green cleaning services use such products that have no harm to the environment and are pollutant-free. They don’t use harsh chemicals and things that pollute the environment. Green cleaning services are as effective as the traditional ones.


Pressure washing is a high-pressure water spray. The pressure washing service includes the washing of industrial machinery. It includes the cleaning of footpaths, roads, moldy buildings, muddy vehicles, dirty carpet, and loose paint on walls. They are used to wash long carpets that are covered in mud.


Janitorial cleaning service is quite different from the cleaning service. Janitorial cleaning service is an ongoing service that goes from day-to-day cleaning of offices, schools, and buildings. The deep cleansing task is performed only a few times a year. If you want to learn more than just view website.

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