Five Trendy Ways To Wear A Skirt This Winter

January 4, 2022

Winter brings with it a vast array of stylish clothing options to leave you loving your extra layers. Women have an ongoing battle with needing to stay warm but wanting to look stylish. Many women believe that skirts are strictly a summer vibe, but that does not have to be true.

We have compiled a list of five super trendy ways to wear a skirt this winter, and stay warm while you are looking as chic as ever.

1. Wear Tights

Trust me when I say this, opaque tights will be your new best friend — the thicker, the better. You might not think that opaque tights are that different from their summery sheer cousins, but they make all the difference in the world when it is crazy cold outside.

These tights come in any color you could ever hope to find, so buy ten or fifteen pairs in a wide range of colors and you will always have the perfect pair for every outfit. 

As a bonus tip, many women swear by applying lotion to their legs before putting their tights on — they believe this adds an extra layer of protection against the icy elements.

2. Boots With Lining

When buying boots this winter, look for the pairs that have an inside lining made of faux fur or warm and thick thermal materials. Lined boots keep your legs so much warmer when you’re wearing your favorite winter skirt.

For a double dose of warmth, buy thigh-high boots with lining. These are not only insanely sexy, but they will do a great job of keeping the blood flowing to your pins.

3. Choose A Knitted Skirt

The best skirt for work in the winter has got to be the knitted skirt. Choose a gorgeous long knit skirt, these beauties look incredibly professional when teamed with a crisp white shirt. These skirts effortlessly take the place of the much-loved pencil skirt.

Long knitted skirts generally have a high waistline, which is perfect for tucking your shirt or blouse into. That is ideal for keeping an hourglass silhouette under your winter outerwear.

4. Keep Your Upper Body Warm

When wearing a skirt, you absolutely must keep your upper body as warm as possible. Layering your clothing is the easiest way to do this. Think thick polo neck tops with knitwear and a chic denim jacket over to complete the look.

Skirts work just as well when paired with sneakers as they do with heels or boots. This will all come down to purely personal preference.

5. The Longer Length Look

Maxi skirts are not just for the summer months anymore, yay! Team your favorite longer-length skirt with a knitted sweater that is half tucked in, or pair it with a lovely cardigan. When buying cardigans, remember to always add a few thermal options into the mix — these do a brilliant job of keeping your upper body wonderfully warm.

Longer-length skirts add volume and they flow effortlessly as you walk, so be sure to wear thick tights underneath on the extra cold days.

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