Gifts For New Homeowners

January 5, 2022

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for anyone, but especially your friends or family. It is customary to buy a housewarming gift for them. However, it is tricky to find something that they might actually want or may even need. You do not want to give someone a gift that is just going to get in their way or that they will just want to get rid of as soon as they have settled. This can be especially important when it comes to a first home. A bottle of wine or a candle is a great gift, but it will not actually maintain or improve their home. 

Here are a few options for gift ideas for your friends who are new homeowners:


This may seem like a really odd one, but your friends and family will likely forget to get one for themselves. Clock gifts are a really good one for any new homeowner. It may not seem essential, but you would be surprised how quickly you notice that you do not have a clock in your home. You may think that having your phone or watch on you will be enough, but having a clock in your home really brings it together. 

Clocks also come in a variety of forms. You can get more portable versions such as digital alarm clocks that also act as a radio or much more bespoke options. Getting wall or desk clocks can provide a luxury accessory to any home and many can be engraved to commemorate the occasion. 


Whether you are hanging a painting or fixing some cupboards, new homeowners require a handy set of tools to complete improvement projects in their new home. If you know nothing about tools, like many people, then you should look at getting your friends and family a few key items in their toolbox. 

You should look at hammers of varying sizes, a wrench set, a screwdriver set that includes a Phillips head screwdriver, and a set of Hex keys that will help with every piece of DIY furniture they purchase. If you know they don’t have a toolbox then you can provide them with a starter kit of brand-new tools. Even throw in some power tools to make a full set. 

Welcome Mats

A thoughtful and useful gift for new homeowners is a welcome mat that can set the tone for the entire house. The welcome mat greets guests before they enter the house and can give some insight into the occupants inside. This could be through certain pictures or a unique phrase that shows off your eccentric side or a love of pets.


Having a brand-new vacuum can be a lifesaver for any new homeowner. If they are planning on doing any DIY projects, then a working and heavy-duty vacuum will be essential for them. If you are looking for a new vacuum for someone then it may be worth looking at a wet/dry shop vac. This will help them to deal with potential big messes and can be super helpful in those worst-case scenarios. 

Furniture For Outdoors

New homes require a lot of furniture as they are often unfurnished. Your new homeowner friends and family will be looking at getting new furniture for their living room and bedroom but what about the outdoor areas. Outdoor furniture like lawn chairs, wicker bars with a counter or tables are all essential for the patio space. 

Outdoor furniture is also a safer bet than indoor furniture as people are less likely to try and pull all the furniture from the same theme. Also, if you stick to wood-based furniture then it gives the new homeowners a chance to paint and decorate them. 

Non-Slip Stools

This may not be the most exciting gift to buy someone, but it can be essential for any new homeowner. They can be useful for those hard-to-reach shelves or for hanging wall decorations like paintings and hangings. The non-slip stool provides a safer option than just a regular chair or ladder. Though you should always remember that they are not an excuse to be careless.

Housewarming Gifts

It is always nice to get your friends and family gifts for when they move into their new home. There are lots of different options out there. Instead of going for the classic options of wine and chocolates that are just temporary, why not think about getting them something stylish and useful for their new home like some scented wax melts made in the UK? It can truly help the new homeowners settle in.

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