Unique Ways To Remember Lost Loved Ones

January 7, 2022

Losing someone close to you is one of the most difficult things you can go through in life, though unfortunately unavoidable. This is a part of life that everyone will have to face one day, and it will be important to you to know that their memory will live on with you throughout your life, you will design cremation jewelry from Petalsandkeepsakes which is a great way to remember for your loved ones. 

If you have lost someone special, you might want to commemorate them in a less traditional way, though something that represents them or your relationship in a fitting way.

There are plenty of unique keepsakes that will help you to keep your special person close to your heart forever. 


Keeping your memory of a loved one close to you all day is possible with cremation jewellery. You can create necklaces for cremation ashes, as well as bracelets, keychains and even rings. 

Your cremation jewellery can be classy and elegant or fun and whimsical, designed to suit your own personal style or feature something special to remind you of your loved one. From crosses and angel wings to more modern designs like simple circles to represent everlasting life and connection, there is a special piece for any need. 

Cremation Urns 

A cremation urn is a vessel that holds the cremains of your loved one. It is safe and secure, keeping them protected while memorializing the person who has left. Keepsake urn sets are constructed of many different materials, both natural and man-made, ranging from simple to very ornate and intricate. When choosing an urn, think about where you will keep it. Putting it on display in a mausoleum is a lasting tribute, but you will want to carefully consider both the materials it is made from and the style.

Memorial Trees

Seen as a symbol of everlasting life, trees are meaningful in the remembrance of the deceased. Often, people choose to plant a tree in memory of their lost loved ones, to serve as a place to visit and feel close to the person who has passed. 

If you want to keep your tree closer to home, you could look into a living urn — which will allow a beautiful tree to grow from a loved one’s ashes, to be kept and nurtured in your home.

Blown Glass Art

Creating beautiful glass art with the ashes of a loved one is a beautiful way to cherish their memory. This will allow you to keep your lost person close in all their beauty.

With this type of keepsake, you will be able to select styles and colors that represent your loved one, making the piece extra special and a great homage to who they were as a person.

Memory Lamps

The age-old tradition of lighting a candle for the deceased stands to represent that their memory still lives on and burns bright with those who love them.

Creating a memory lamp will allow you to do this each day, while simultaneously holding the ashes of your loved one, keeping them nearby. The subtle glow of the light on your nightstand will light up your room and heart and remind you of the glow your loved one brought to your life.

Teddy Bears

Another unique memorial item you could consider is a teddy bear or blanket, stitched from the material of the clothing of the deceased. These are typically known as memory bears and help you to celebrate the memories of a special life. 

Various companies will be able to create these special keepsakes for you and your family, so check out what is available in your area to help you keep the memories alive — otherwise see if you can do it yourself.

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