How to Give Your Loved One a Befitting Sendoff

July 20, 2018

Losing a close friend or family member has to be one of the most painful things one can go through in life. You may feel like your world has come to an end and have no desire to go on with life. Not only is it difficult because of the grief of losing your loved one, but also because you need to get yourself together and plan for their funeral. People can also be very insensitive during such times and say an inappropriate thing to the deceased’s loved ones. It is usually a lot to deal with and if you can get someone to help you plan the funeral, this would help a lot as you can grieve peacefully without having to worry about planning the funeral. You can hire a Sunshine Coast funeral director to help you with this. Contrary to what many people believe, the services are not expensive at all and you can be involved as little or as much as you want to. This article highlights a few ways in which you can give your loved one a befitting sendoff.

  • Honor the deceased’s wishes

This is very important if you want to give your loved one a befitting sendoff. It is common in cases where the deceased was sick for a long time before he/she passed away, or where the deceased was an old person. Your loved one might have written down their wishes or told someone what they would like to happen once they die. If your loved one said they would like to be cremated when they die, it is important that you honor this even if you do not really like the idea. Anything else that they specifically requested for their funeral must be honored.

  • Incorporate traditions

If there was something that the deceased particularly enjoyed doing with his/her family, such as playing a certain game or sharing a certain meal, it would be a good idea to do this in memory of him/her. This will not only honor your departed loved one but will also help those gathered for the funeral to remember him/her.

  • Try and have some light moments during the funeral

This is especially important if the deceased was a cheerful person who liked to crack jokes and laugh. It is sad that they are no longer with you, but a little bit of laughter will help you remember your loved one and lighten the mood at the funeral. I am sure your loved one would love this.

  • Have a memory table

You can speak to your funeral director and have them set up a memory table for your departed loved one. This could have items that the deceased loved. For instance, if he/she played the cello or guitar, you can have that on the memory table. The memory table should also have pictures of the deceased at different stages of their lives. This will make for a good place to take photos at the funeral, and there is no doubt that everyone who attends the funeral will appreciate it.

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