The Three Best Ways To Memorialize A Lost Loved One

August 4, 2023

Remembering and honoring the people we have loved and lost is a vital part of the grieving process. This act of tribute is known as memorialization. Memorialization serves to remind us of the people who have left us, keeping their memory alive in our hearts. There are countless ways to remember someone, and the method you choose is often deeply personal, reflecting the unique relationship you had with the individual.

The most recognized form of a memorial comes in the shape of a headstone, mausoleum, or grave marker. These have been used for centuries to mark the resting place of the deceased. However, there are other ways of honoring a lost loved one. In this article, we will go over some of the ones you should be considering. 

1 – Park bench plaque

A public memorial can be a touching way to remember a loved one and share their memory with a wider community. One beautiful example is dedicating a park bench in a favorite park to your loved one. This type of memorial not only offers a personal touch but also a sense of ongoing life, with the park’s natural environment continuing to thrive and change around it.

A custom plaque can be created to be affixed to the bench. This plaque usually carries the name of the deceased, along with a personalized message. Signature Streetscapes custom memorial plaques, for instance, can be designed to your exact specifications, including size, color, and the message to be engraved, ensuring the memorial is a true reflection of your loved one.

2 – Memorial donation or scholarship

Remembering a loved one through good deeds is a meaningful way to keep their spirit alive. Memorial donations and scholarships are popular choices as they allow the individual’s legacy to continue positively impacting the world.

Making a memorial donation typically involves giving to a charity or cause that was dear to the deceased person’s heart. This could range from an animal shelter, if they loved animals, to a research foundation dedicated to fighting a disease they battled. 

The process is generally simple and involves just a monetary contribution to the selected organization. Some organizations may also offer an option to make the donation in the name of the person being remembered. This not only helps worthy causes but also keeps your loved one’s passions and interests alive.

3 – Digital memorial

Digital memorials offer a unique and accessible way to pay tribute to loved ones, allowing us to remember them in a space where distance and time do not limit us.

Social media has become a common platform for creating digital memorials. For instance, Facebook offers an option to memorialize a user’s page after they pass away. This turns their profile into a memorial space where friends and family can share memories, photos, and messages. This is a heartfelt way to remember a person as it’s a space filled with their own posts, photos, and interactions, giving a glimpse into their life as they chose to share it.

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