Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Tomato Planters

July 21, 2018

Grow boxes are ideal for successfully planting tomatoes because they give plants adequate amount of water. In the conventional gardening containers, over-watering is what causes tomato plants to rot. Grow boxes help in controlling water flow to the plants and this make it impossible for you to underwater and over-water.  Since they work with a reservoir system, grow boxes will deliver a steady amount of water. Read on to know five tips that guarantee success when gardening using tomato planters or grow boxes. 

Growing spot

When choosing a spot for your tomatoes to grow, make sure that it is well-protected. This is important because when your grow box becomes full of tomato plants that are enormous and sprawling, it will become extremely heavy. A full and heavy growing box can easily blow over, and a well-protected area will ensure that your tomatoes grow healthy.

Filling the grow box

It is important for you to fill the grow box at the specific location that you want it to be. This is important because some boxes may be quite heavy to move after they are filled with soil and water. Even the boxes that have wheels can still be difficult to move when full. Therefore, you should determine where you want to put your box before you start filling it up with heavy soil.

Planting instructions

When planting your tomatoes, you must ensure that you plant the suggested number of seedlings in the tomato planters. Even though most people believe that they will get more harvest if they put additional seedlings, the plants may not survive in the end. Furthermore, the amount of fertilizer and soil has been calculated to suit a specific number of plants. Therefore, when the plants are in excess, you will not get the right yield.

Access to watering point

Make sure that you place your tomato grow box in a location where you can add water easily. It is preferable that you place it in a location where a hose can reach. This way, you will have an easy time when watering your tomatoes plants. This will come in handy, especially after your plants have started bearing fruits.

Adhere to feeding directions

When growing your tomatoes in grow boxes, make sure that you carefully follow the feeding directions. This is important to guarantee healthy plants and a bountiful harvest. If you do not follow the recommended fertilizer requirements when planting, you will not have healthy plants. It is also important for you to add slow-release fertilizer at the start of the season for excellent results.

Blossom end rot

One problem with grow boxes is the fact that you may occasionally experience blossom end rot. To prevent this, you should add one cup of lime or dolomite on top of your potting soil. If your tomato fruits also have blossom end rot, you can solve this by adding a quarter cup of lime to one gallon of water and pouring it into to your reservoir. This should only be done once.

Grow boxes provide immense benefits to homeowners who want to practice gardening at home. However, for excellent results, you must ensure that you purchase the best grow boxes. Read reviews and make inquiries from people you know to determine the best brands of grow boxes available.

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