Know How to do back exercise with the help of dumbbells?

August 19, 2022

There is no denying the fact that muscle’s strength is one of the most important parts of the human body.  Generally, muscles help you to lift things up and down, pump blood through your body also they help you breathe, etc. On the other hand, back muscles are the best protector of the spine, which helps humans physically support the upper body and to offer protection for the spinal cord. There are dozens of back muscles exercises, with the help of a pair of dumbbells, which make your back muscles stronger.

By adopting dumbbell back exercises in your daily routine you will be able to build the back muscles more strong.  As we can see these exercises in the villages in the different shapes, where farmers usually do hectic activities in the fields with agricultural tools. Hard-working with different tools makes farmers’ muscles stronger as compared to those who do less work.  Dumbbells are being used by many people all over the world to make their back muscles powerful. In addition, dumbbells back exercises are also accessible to everyone other than gym expensive equipment.

Benefits of dumbbells back exercises

Indeed, there are many benefits of dumbbell back exercises. With the help of dumbbell back exercises, your body works more independently. Moreover, it also stabilises your best body posture. You can enjoy a wide range of motions in it.  Which will push you to create maximum muscle contraction. In fact, they are very easy to use and require less setup and are easier to pack away. One can also do these exercises at home with little equipment.

Back muscles types

According to researchers, dumbbells back exercises have a great impact on all three categories. The muscles in your back are divided into three categories such as superficial, intermediate, and intrinsic.

Superficial muscles

These muscles help the shoulder and the movement of the neck and assist with moving your upper limbs.

Intermediate muscles

They support the respiratory system and your rib cage.

Intrinsic muscles

They produce movement in the vertebral column i.e. bones, muscles, and tendons from your skull to the tailbone. In fact, strong back muscles mean you are physically healthy. It defines the overall fitness of the body.

How to do back exercise with dumbbells?

There are different ways to do back muscles exercises with the help of dumbbells. Some of them are under below:

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row

Chest Supported Dumbbell Row is one of the easiest and best exercises for your back muscles, attacking both the lats and rhomboids. You should perform this exercise rightly by just keeping your hips and shoulder square to the ground. It is the best source of strength. It is an exercise that will help you make a key muscle-building move. If you are new you have to start from 8-12 reps in three sets.

Incline Row

This is somehow tough for many people but it is also very effective to make back muscles strong. When you are doing incline row exercise, it is tough to wind up letting your torso rock back and forth, creating momentum instead of moving the weight solely with muscle.

The bench will help you to focus on weight dumbbells properly and with full balance. You can also change the angles of the incline bench. You can adjust it as per your height. If you are willing to start from this exercise, then start from 3 sets of 8-122 reps.

Incline Pause Row

You need an incline angle bench of steel with a soft pad.  This exercise is a little bit tough rather than an inclined row simple exercise. In which your major focuses on your back, and you should be able to emphasise the squeeze in your back after all the isometric work.

Elevated Plank Row

In this exercise, you should hold a plank position throughout the set. You will work your back muscles and you will be challenged to fight against rotation forces to control your elevated position on the bench. The end result is a handy exercise that allows you to pull double duty for a more complete workout.

Dumbbell Pullover

This is one of the oldest exercises and it was used in military training in many countries. It allows you to target your lats but also hits your chest, shoulder, etc. But you must take a proper position in this exercise. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your body’s muscles. Keep your ribcage from flaring as you work through the reps. Do not overextend your shoulders. It will help you to give tremendous strength to your body.

Half-Iso Incline Row Count up Series

Dumbbell incline bench rows are a gym workout exercise that targets the lower back and middle back/lats and also involves the biceps and forearms and shoulders.

Half-Iso Incline Row Count up Series

It targets your lower back and middle back and also involves the biceps and forearms and your shoulder in this exercise. It will teach your back muscles how to continue generating force.

Renegade Row

 Renegade row is one of the solid ways to blast your entire upper body. In which you just hammer your chest part and triceps while doing the push-up. It is tough and you need more concentration while doing this exercise.  In which your abs stimulate your lats and rhomboids, essentially finishing with a plank row.

Back fly

In the back fly you lay down on the bench and your chest, belly legs touch the bench. And you lift two dumbbells with your hands up and down. In this exercise, you raise the dumbbells until your arm is parallel to the ground and power your back after a short pause.


Summing up all the discussion on dumbbell back exercises, we come to the conclusion that back muscles are a very important part of the human body. If they are strong then your body performs certain activities perfectly. Moreover, if your muscles are strong you can live a healthy life with full fitness. Therefore, dumbbells back exercises should be done by all people according to their body requirements and it will lead you to a healthy life.

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