How to do Workout without Dumbbells for body fitness?

August 5, 2022

Weightlifting is advantageous for several reasons. Dumbbell back workout is best way to maintain body fitness and muscles shape. But weight lifting isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for methods to keep active and grow muscles, without lifting weights or prefer to avoid using dumbbells, there are many more options to explore. Take a look below to gain muscle without dumbbells.


Start in a horizontal position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Then keep looking straight down at the ground. Slide yourself to the floor with your arms, then push yourself back up using your arms and core.

Decline push-up

Start this in a horizontal position with your feet on a step, box, or exercise ball that can raise your legs. Lower your forehead toward the floor while bending your elbows. Extend your arms and revert to the beginning posture by pushing through your palms.

Plank tap

First, begin in a plank posture, with wrists beneath shoulders and feet hip-width apart. Then return to plank posture by touching your left shoulder with your right hand. Touch your right shoulder with your left hand and repeat until the set is finished.

Triceps dip

Triceps Dip is a fantastic activity for increasing triceps growth, stamina, and power. If you want to build this muscle group and increase your pressing strength, including any variant of dips in your workout routine is a good suggestion. Triceps dips can be performed on a sofa, chair, or bench (or any sturdy surface on which to sit).

For this, you need to place your hands shoulder-width apart on the chair and push your tailbone and booty forward, leaving enough room to drop down. Then step your feet forward slightly so that your legs are nearly straight (but don’t lock your knees!). Lower your body eventually and then push back up, focusing on activating your triceps to lower and raise.


Begin by standing, reaching your arms down to the ground, walking your arms away towards your feet, and forming a plank, before moving your feet forward toward your hands and ultimately returning to a static position. You then repeat the worm-like crawl for a set amount of time or repetitions.

Sit Ups and Crunches

Crunches work your abdominals hard, strengthening your spine and helping you achieve a toned, muscular appearance. Sit-ups are a cross workout that works not just your abdominal muscles but also your chest, hip flexors, neck, and lower back.

Superman extended arms:

To complete these workouts, lie facedown with legs outstretched and your elbows stretched so that your elbows are by your sides. Lift your arms, chest, and legs off the floor by engaging your shoulders and glutes. Straighten your arms in front of you, then return them to their bent posture.

Side plank with extended arm

Lean on your right-hand side, feet stacked. As you ascend onto a side plank, press your right wrist into the floor for stability and support. Maintain a perpendicular relationship between your right and left arms. Check that your upper body is in a straight line with your head, neck, and legs. Straighten your left arm towards the ceiling, being careful not to elevate it further than your shoulder. Return your arm to its original position. Complete the whole set before switching sides.

Kettlebell swing

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the kettlebell handle in front of you with both hands. Bend your knees slightly and swing the kettlebell between your legs while keeping your back flat and your neck straight. Kettlebell swings give full-body exercise.

Plank to Downward Dog

Begin in a pushup plank stance, hands underneath shoulders, and arms strait. If the leg lifts plank posture is too difficult, begin with your knees on the ground. then Raise your hips and press your arms back to enter the Downward Dog Pose. If you started from your knees, you will be able to lift your knees off the ground after you have pushed back far enough.

Tips for arm workout without Equipment

Consider the following principles when incorporating the aforementioned exercises into an arm strengthening program:

  • Perform the workout on non-consecutive days two times each week.
  • Begin with three sets of ten reps of the simplest activity, such as push-ups.
  • Perform three sets of one or two immediately tough exercises, either failing each set or quitting at 20 reps.
  • Perform three sets of the most difficult exercise on the list that you can still do for at least five repetitions.


So, based on the talk above, I believe you have got a good concept of how to work out without dumbbells or weight lifts. Furthermore, if you want to grow muscles without lifting weights, you must have to do the exercises that I have mentioned above and keep your stress levels low. Because according to scientific evidence, when you are anxious, your body produces chemicals that inhibit muscular development.

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