Fitness Is A Lifestyle — Learn How To Live It

January 18, 2017

Every kind of lifestyle has its own set of rules. There must be serious consequences for breaking them. Fitness is a lifestyle. What does this really mean?

It takes you years to develop and fully adapt to a certain kind of lifestyle. That is because it is a permanent change that defines virtually everything you do.

Getting fit and making it your destination is not easy as it sounds. Sadly, 50% of those who embark on a fitness journey quit within six months or less. How do you make it normal without having any diary or timetable to keep you on track?

  • Pledge allegiance to your workouts

The zeal for your workouts must come from deep within you. Be honest about them to yourself. This way you will find them easier to pull off in the least time possible, without having to pull out from the gym early to catch up on some errands of yours. It is upon you to create quality time for your workouts. Not before long, you will find yourself taking advantage of every second of your day with deskercises.

  • Watch what you eat

Keeping fit will not be a problem if you do not take in excess calories in the first place. Not watching what you eat also means no progress at all. Do not just eat to fill your tummy. Do this by viewing food as fuel. Keep yourself satiated for longer hours using liquids and proteins.

  • Best time for workouts are early in the morning or just before bed

Like military school, doing your training early in the morning makes you develop discipline. This discipline kicks out human nature; that is just being lazy. Early morning workouts will kick start your metabolism, while evening workouts will help you have a restful night. Doing it late, as the last thing of your day also leaves little room for interruptions.

What you get from a fitness lifestyle? There are lots of benefits derived from this kind of lifestyle:

  • Better sleep

There is a reward for everyone who embraces the gym: adequate sleep. The exhaustion makes sure that you take full advantage of your rest hours. It also helps in decreasing stress and related thoughts. Exercising also aids the blood flow to the entire body. This slows down the effects of aging such as slow healing.

  • Self-confidence

One thing’s for sure, this form of lifestyle focuses on self-improvement. Feeling that you are a better person will increase self-love and your confidence when dealing with others. Hardly will you turn down an invitation to a basketball challenge or anything that would require you to strut out in a t-shirt.

  • Better appetite

Living this kind of lifestyle is a sure way to ensure that you are always eager about your meals. You could spoil yourself and be guilt free as you know that you will burn the excess calories. The fast metabolism associated with this kind of life ensures that you will burn fat fast, even when you are not training.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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