Alex Gierbolini – An Overview of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

January 17, 2022
Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has become very popular over the past decade for men who are looking to improve their health and well-being explains Alex Gierbolini. The benefits of TRT can be attributed to several components that work together to reduce depression, improve energy levels, boost libido, increase bone density, enhance hair growth and strength, decrease body fat and weight/waist size, promote hair growth on the head as well as face/body parts, increase muscle mass/strength, restore interest in activities that were once lost due to fatigue or lack of motivation, increase self-esteem and confidence. These changes proceed with little effort once hormone levels return to normal; however, it is important there is a detailed understanding of the components and risks involved with TRT.

This is an overview; we do not advocate self-medicating; we recommend working together with your doctor to ensure that you are receiving safe treatment.

  • The purpose is to inform men on the benefits of TRT while also highlighting risks, which are not always openly discussed. Transdermal methods of administration are safer than orally ingested methods in regards to liver strain, but still require some diligence about potential side effects related to hormone production interference. We encourage all men considering TRT to talk to their doctors about their options for testosterone replacement therapy, how it works, the potential risks associated with each method of delivery, and what they can expect from having normalized levels of testosterone in their bodies.
  • The first thing that men notice after having their testosterone levels normalized through TRT is an increase in vitality. This comes as a result of testosterone playing a significant role in regulating energy metabolism within the body, especially for those who are deficient. Both sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) act on countless cells throughout the body, but one cell type responsive to both sex hormones is muscle tissue; this means that by optimizing your testosterone levels you can also enhance lean muscle mass, which improves bone density and reduces the risk of injury during physical activity due to added strength/assurance. Along with enhanced fat metabolism, which leads to weight loss, men on TRT typically see increased muscle mass after a few months of treatment due to the body’s capability to build lean muscle efficiently says Alex Gierbolini.
  • Hair loss is an embarrassing condition that some men are more self-conscious about than women are, even though there are treatments available for both genders. Minoxidil (Rogaine) has become the most popular topical solution sold over the counter today; however it has very poor absorption into hair follicles, which results in minimal impact on hair growth. Testosterone itself promotes skin cell turnover, which can help healthy hair grow since cells divide rapidly at all times upon entering the active cycle phase of testosterone metabolism. For this reason Biotebal, a shampoo formulated with saw palmetto and nettle root extract, has been shown to have a greater impact on hair growth than Rogaine due to the increased absorption. Saw palmetto and nettle root extract block DHT, which is a metabolite of testosterone that inhibits hair follicle growth. This combination shampoo will have a notable effect on restoring lost hair while also being effective at blocking/reducing further loss.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help you restore your sex drive by increasing the strength and frequency of erections. This is beneficial because it helps men remain sexually active longer, which decreases stress levels associated with sexual function in older men; this directly increases libido which makes sex more enjoyable again because there are no concerns about erectile dysfunction lack of interest in intimacy and romance. In terms of sperm count, TRT will help you achieve the same level as a much younger man. Alex Gierbolini says as men age there is a significant decrease in the number and quality of sperm produced by each testicle , this is due to less cells being created that eventually mature into sperm cells, however after testosterone replacement therapy it has been seen that the number of cells capable of becoming mature sperm cells increases back to a normal healthy range.


Although there are many reasons why a man might choose to restore his testosterone levels through medical treatment, the most important thing to remember is that it will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Increased energy and vitality lead to more exercise, which in turn helps maintain a lean body composition while also increasing bone density and muscle mass. Decreased fat metabolism decreases risk of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in men over 40. Increased libido and decreased anxiety from restoring youthful testosterone levels will improve your overall outlook on life as well as make you more desirable to those around you.

Restoring testosterone levels through medical treatment can help you achieve an active lifestyle that promotes continued good health, vitality and enhanced quality of life.

The first step to restoring testosterone levels is seeing your doctor or other healthcare professional about the possibility of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT).

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