Marketing Management

January 19, 2022

Marketing management is an important aspect of any organization, regardless of its size and stature. The term ‘Marketing’ originally designated the public relations aspect of advertising. Marketing management is currently the managerial discipline that focuses on the organizational process of management of a company’s marketing assets and activities and its marketing strategy. It is a large subset of the broader discipline of strategic management and planning. Marketing management applies the discipline to all areas of the firm, including research, product development, corporate communication, promotions, pricing, training and selling, and customer management.

Brand And Niche Marketing

Recently there has been increasing focus on marketing management within the business sector. Most recently, this focus has been applied in the context of brand and niche marketing. Companies must therefore understand their internal processes and framework in relation to this activity. Companies must also be well positioned in order to gain competitive advantage, in view of potential threats from global and local competitors. For example, in order to reach a younger audience, companies may create content and even try to buy TikTok likes in order to manipulate the TikTok algorithm in their favor because TikTok is more popular among the younger generation. 

Elements Of Marketing

There are four basic elements of marketing: delivering value, creating a target market, generating and monitoring brand equity, and communicating sales and marketing messages effectively. Companies must therefore integrate these activities into their overall business strategy. Marketing must be delivered in a way that enhances the personal and professional branding of the target market, while being compatible with the organizational structure. In addition, marketing must also be capable of addressing the changing consumer preferences and purchasing habits.

Within the field of business, marketers identify specific channels through which they can deliver value to customers. Most companies define marketing as the process by which they improve the relationship between the buyer and the seller or other agent. For instance, delivering value refers to the provision of superior service, products or information to the buyer, through any channel, such as word-of-mouth marketing.

Definition Of Branding

Branding refers to the association between products and brands. Branding is what makes products and brands memorable. This is what gives customers what they need when they make a buying decision. It is a marketing objective to create awareness of the product or brand to the target audience. A brand can either create or destroy a brand; a successful brand manager will take advantage of both opportunities.

Marketing is an integral part of the advertising mix for many companies. The term marketing itself comes from the German “mehr” (meal) and “mahl” (market). This word has become a very general term, which is used to describe any type of advertising activity aimed at increasing company sales. The purpose of marketing is to acquire new customers and drive existing customers to increase their purchases of a given product or service. Marketing managers use marketing management tools to attract and motivate customers and to develop and maintain a positive relationship with current customers. These tools allow companies to make their products and services memorable and appealing to target markets.

What Are Marketing Events

Marketing events include product launches, where the latest product or service is offered for sale; trade shows; seminars; and product promotions, such as contests and the like. One of the key principles of marketing is that the best marketing is done in the right market at the right time with the right type of message for the right audience at the right time. Marketing managers determine how different media, including television, radio, and websites will be used to promote brands. They also plan for promotional activities, such as conferences and product launches, that will bring the product to the attention of target audiences.


Companies also conduct research to learn about the target audience, competition, buying habits, purchasing preferences, and other key factors. This research is then used by marketing managers to deliver value to the customer, through a variety of different channels. Marketers then develop and implement a strategy to promote their products and services using the best available marketing management tools. This strategy ensures that the business delivers value to the customer and generates a return on investment by driving higher sales and revenue.

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