Which Are The Best Live Streaming Gaming Platforms

January 19, 2022

Many companies have launched their online gaming platforms, and more are still being launched as more companies continue to discover the need for live streaming. This has helped change a lot and has even changed the lifestyles of so many people. Before live streaming of videos was discovered, gamers struggled to find a platform to watch the game. One thing with games is that the recorded one is not enjoyable as the live one.

With that in mind, many companies saw it wise to develop a platform where you can follow a video live just as the person watching it live, and the content reaches you at the same time irrespective of your location. Today, there are several live gaming platforms to choose from. Choosing which platform to stream on will depend on your analysis and requirements. Below are some of the best live gaming platforms you can consider.


Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for live streaming because you can get services like the use of a Twitch viewer bot. It allows game lovers to live to stream their videos with ease on all platforms available on social media. Twitch has unique features that enable the viewers to get fully engaged in the streaming. It also displays some of the critical information about the live streaming game. The information it shows includes total followers, total views, and live viewership. Twitch streamers can also buy twitch viewers to increase their number of viewers.

Its very hard for new streamers who are looking to grow their career in streaming to get followers and viewers instantly. For such aspiring streamers Followerspanda is offering Twitch followers and Twitch viewers for free.

Key Features

  • It circulates its content from both hobbyists and professionals.
  • It is easy to access the video playlist.
  • You can easily access the twitch platform for free.
  • Turbo accounts available on twitch makes it easier for viewers to access extra chat rooms, rich functionality, and only emotions.
  • Provides easy setup with a flexible user interface.
  • Compatible with most of the video streaming utilities available.


This website provides the slickest design for video streaming requirements and works smoothly during the browsing process. That means it does not give its users a hard time. The beam is also a popular platform and gets many unique viewers every month. That has made it grow faster.

Key Features

  • The platform is well organized in everything it operates.
  • The platform supports video recording with 4K abilities at a frame rate of 60fps.
  • Heavy video games can be observed on the forum without any delay.
  • It works perfectly on iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android platforms.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube is also one of the most popular platforms. When you hear the word, what comes to your mind is videos. The gaming design in YouTube is a combination of hit and miss, and the layout is also not that bad.

YouTube supports videos with 4K resolutions at a 60 fps frame rate. The platform offers many transcoding facilities to streamers. The venue is well organized and helps users stay organized because videos and streams are not that hard to manage.

Key Features

  • The mobile application adds support to the iOS and android platform.
  • The layout of this platform is pretty.
  • The quality of the content it streams is high enough to satisfy the needs of the viewers.
  • Its audience size is still in the growing stage.


The user interface for this platform works with a good color scheme. It is almost the same as most competing video game streaming platforms. This platform gives its users an easy time to search for their favorite videos. In HitBox platforms, streams are categorized into private, public, and adults-only collections.

Key Features

  • The interface is simple to use and is also attractive.
  • The platform offers appreciable streaming options with the easy categorization of videos.
  • To stream video on HitBox, you need to have a high-performance computer. It would help if you also had external devices for recording videos.
  • The platform is easily accessible for free.

Gosu Gamers

Gamers majorly use this platform for sharing their excellent gaming experiences. The platform uses many advanced tools in its operation. That makes things appear more accessible for the gamers, especially beginners.

Key Features

  • The platform is incredibly tied to sports activities.
  • Supports all popular file formats with excellent video content quality.
  • It offers better interaction among users and can help your streaming business grow quickly.
  • Broadcasters of all age groups can be found on this platform.


The availability of many platforms for live streaming makes it challenging to choose the best platform that will help you achieve your goals. All you need to do is perform a proper analysis and know what you want to achieve.

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