Eric Dalius Giving: How to Save Money on Marketing Your Business

January 22, 2022
Eric Dalius Giving

Eric Dalius Giving

Do you want to save some money on marketing your business?

If you do, this article is for you says Eric Dalius Giving.

  • Right now we spend a lot of time and effort positioning ourselves as authority figures in our chosen industry. We create websites that look great and populate them with interesting content. We spend hours every day using social media to create and maintain relationships with potential and existing customers (and perhaps more importantly, their friends). But when it comes to generating sales from these relationships, it can feel like our efforts have been in vain. Where are the sales coming from? Where’s all that money we were promised when we got into this business? You know, the money generated by repeat purchases from customers generated by the big engine of social media.
  • It turns out that it’s not too difficult to get sales from social media; you just need the right tools and techniques to make it happen. And if you’re still having trouble with this, there are people who can help, like Northport (a self-hosted email marketing solution). They’ve built their business on helping online entrepreneurs generate more profitable traffic through automated email marketing campaigns. I use their system for my own businesses so I thought I would share some of the strategies they taught me with you today.
  • I should point out here that Northport isn’t paying me for this article so these tips are 100% unbiased – although I will admit that the courses they offer helped this site go from generating $100/day to $400/day so it’s definitely something worth checking out.
  • Northport was founded by one of the guys behind Infusion Soft, another email marketing system that has generated hundreds of millions in sales since 2005 explains Eric Dalius Giving. If you’re serious about generating more sales through your online business, then I suggest you check them out – especially if you’re still hosting your email list with Aweber or MailChimp. Northport offers a free 30-day trial and they have a nice affiliate program as well, so if you want to learn more about what they offer just click here. You can also read my full review on their service here.
  • Northport starts from the fact that not every customer who visits your website is going to buy from you. In fact, they’re going to bounce (leave your website without buying) more than 60% of the time on average. And that’s if you’re ranked highly in Google and people actually find your site when searching for what you sell!

So how do we get around this?

  • The answer: automated marketing campaigns. These are emails sent directly to visitors and potential customers on a schedule designed by you (the marketer). Some can be sent out immediately after someone has visited your website, while others might only be sent once a visitor abandons their shopping cart or requests some other type of follow-up. Whatever the case, these campaigns allow you to stay in regular contact with potential and existing customers so that when they are ready to buy, you’re the one they call. To see how this works, let’s look at an example.
  • John is a web designer who also offers various online marketing services through his site. Every time someone requests pricing information for his services, Ontraport automatically sends them an email offering them a free eBook about website design (also relevant to what John offers). This way he’s able to establish rapport with potential clients before asking for any money or selling anything says Eric Dalius Giving.
  • After 3 or 4 of these follow-up emails (each sent on their own schedule – because Ontraport lets you send automated follow-ups whenever you like), John might then offer his potential client another special report that’s not available anywhere else. If they respond, then John knows that they’re ready to buy his services. If not, he just sends them another email from time to time still offering something else of value for free.
  • In addition to the follow-up emails sent on a schedule, Ontraport also lets you create drip campaigns where you can send visitors a series of more targeted messages based on what pages they visit or how long they stay on your site. These automated campaigns are completely customizable and will be sent out at the intervals you choose. While some might argue this is too aggressive an approach to marketing, the truth is that if someone abandons their cart on your e-commerce store after 10 minutes, chances are they won’t be back anytime soon.


Automated campaigns are a great way to keep your website visitors interested in what you have to offer without being too pushy says Eric Dalius Giving. They’re also very effective for welcome emails sent out to new subscribers, introducing them to the community or whatever it is that you’re offering.

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