Nurses: The Backbone of The Healthcare System

February 9, 2022


When most people search for ‘PCR test near me‘ they’re guided about the healthcare facilities and doctors nearby. The information consists of the price, required document, and healthcare expert on hand. But there is one critical detail missing: the designated nurse! Nurses are often underrated. They are a fundamental pillar of the healthcare system offering unimaginable support to the industry, and their importance has only increased during the pandemic!  

The Value of Nurses in the Health Care Community

The nursing staff has always been a crucial part of the healthcare system. In fact, calling it one of the strongest pillars of this industry wouldn’t be incorrect. These professionals have always been a valuable part of the medical community, and they prove their importance in many ways. Some of those ways are the following:   

#1. Shouldering The Medical Health Professionals

Doctors, surgeons, and specialized experts of the healthcare community have a lot on their plates. Diagnosing, treating, and counseling patients while keeping track of their progress and being alert for possible complications is not a one-person job! And if it weren’t for nurses walking with them shoulder to shoulder, they’d be struggling under piles of paperwork, dealing with physical stress and emotional burnouts. Hence, nurses provide an essential helping hand so that doctors can do their job with significantly more ease. 

#2. Dealing With All Kinds of Patients

Nurses have a rather important role in client dealing and patient satisfaction. They are trained professionals who know how to work with different kinds of people and deal with them appropriately. They prepare patients for tests, treatment, and results, both physically and mentally. Understanding how to communicate with anxious, scared, or paranoid people is one of their many specialties. Their job is to identify those who need empathy, encouragement, and support and instill hope in those who need it.  

#3. Ensuring Smooth Systems and Procedures 

No matter how big or small a setup is, if there is no proper system, a thousand things can go wrong. And that is not something you want to risk when human lives are involved! So, nurses ensure that not only are the systems being followed, but they’re also maintained, managed, and upgraded as required. They also take responsibility for keeping a regular check on these systems and fixing errors as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, nurses take most of the credit to ensure all systems run smoothly. 

Their Importance in War with COVID-19

As if nurses weren’t already valuable enough, they made their importance even more prominent when the pandemic started. During the world’s struggle with Covid, nurses have been in the front line fighting this war with the doctors.  

#1. Backing Up the Doctors as Front-Line Warriors

While dealing with Covid firsthand, hundreds of thousands of doctors were affected and struck by the virus. Nurses took on as many responsibilities as possible throughout the war, providing a solid backbone for the healthcare community. However, in times of desperation, they not only assisted doctors and covid experts, but they also had to fill in when enough professionals were not available for the front line. Their sacrifices and bravery were applauded and recognized globally, as they rightly deserved. 

#2. Sharing Work and Responsibilities

Since the beginning of this viral pandemic, there has been a lot for health professionals to do besides just diagnose and treat patients. However, this deadly virus required more paperwork, surveys, recorded data, research, system management, infrastructural management, quarantining, safety measurements, and much more! 

#3. Providing Mental and Emotional Support

The healthcare system comprises well-educated, specialized professionals, but no matter how different they are from non-medical people, they’re still humans! These professionals have struggled from a substantial emotional and mental burnout throughout this pandemic. Nurses have been offering reassurance, empathy, and support to fellow healthcare workers in these trying times. 

What You Can Do to Value Them

Nurses have been doing more than their share of the work since the emergence of this virus. So, how can you attempt to repay them for their efforts, hard work, and contribution? Here are some ways you can show them you appreciate them: 

#1. Acknowledge Their Work and Efforts 

Even if they realize their worth in the healthcare community, it’s always reassuring to hear someone else acknowledge your efforts. Hence, make sure you appreciate their effort, thank them for it, and offer courtesy every chance you get. 

#2. Don’t Criticize Them; Be Patient and Forgiving.

As knowledgeable as they are, nurses can still make human errors. However, they continuously try their best to accommodate your needs and be as helpful as possible. Hence, if they forget something or make you wait a while, don’t criticize them. Instead, be forgiving and patient with them. 

#3. Offer Empathy and Support

If you’re not a healthcare worker yourself, there’s not much you can do to take off their workload or share it in any way. So, the least you can do is offer them emotional and psychological support. Be empathetic and understanding; be kind and generous. 


Now that you have established just how important and valuable nurses are for the healthcare system, the next time you visit a hospital or a clinic, make sure you acknowledge their efforts and be kind to them. Being empathetic and supportive will make them feel good and encourage them to keep on doing what they do! 

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