Top Things To Do In Maryland

February 9, 2022

If you are looking to vacation in Maryland, you are looking at visiting a place that is filled with US history and exciting attractions. Historical sites date back to many great victories and defining times for the nation, while thrills can be found in the fun installations throughout the state. From beaches to old forts to raceways, Maryland encompasses all that America has to offer.

Historians believe that Maryland’s nickname “Old Line State” came from George Washington himself, referring to the brave Maryland troops that held the line during Colonial times. Military buffs will love being able to tour forts and ports where great battles were fought and the next generations of great leaders train to set sail. Those looking for more peaceful scenes can find Maryland’s famous dessert and plenty of gorgeous beaches.

Maryland is not just about the old, it is also at the forefront of America’s new sports betting trend. Maryland sports betting is proving to be a huge hit with the residents, with monthly figures going into the millions. Betting can be done in casinos and through convenient new apps, giving more people than ever the chance to wager on the current big game. With so many people betting, the jackpots are racing amounts you will not believe. 

So whether you seek thrills, knowledge of US history, or a romantic getaway, you will find what you are looking for in Maryland.

Ft. McHenry

This still-standing fort is where US soldiers were once defended from British troops during the War of 1812. British ships unloaded shot after shot from the sea, but the outnumbered US troops held until the enemy gave up. This battle is significant in how it proved the young country could stand up to a global juggernaut. Upon seeing the American flag flying high after the momentous victory, Francis Scott Key was moved to write the National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Baltimore Inner Harbor

This downtown city center gives you two vacation options: seaside relaxation and downtown nightlife. There is a harbor where you can enjoy the breeze or catch a boat. There are also several restaurants and shopping centers for a busy city date. The best part is that everything is walkable so you can stay nearby and not have to worry about paying extra for transportation or parking. The Baltimore Convention Center is part of the downtown area, making it a great location to explore if you happen to be in Baltimore for an event. 

Sports Betting

Maryland is one of the states that now have legal sports betting. You can bet in a casino or use an app to wager on major league sports and some college games. The industry is an exciting new addition for Maryland and is gaining a lot of hype. You are sure to have fun joining fellow sports fans in watching the big game in the casino or at a sports bar knowing that you are all putting something on the line. 

Six Flags America

For pure fun, Six Flags is hard to beat. The Maryland Six Flags has a waterpark, which makes it a great summer destination. Of course, Six Flags is known for its fast and thrilling roller coasters. There are also shows and WB/DC character appearances for the kids. The best part is that Six Flags is pretty easy to find deals for, as some kind of coupon or discount is offered online or through grocery items like coke cans. 

Smith Island

Take a ferry from the lovely Chesapeake Bay (itself a great place to visit) and you can get to Smith Island. The community of this small island began with British settlers, and many still speak in Elizabethan accents and bake an old-style layer cake. This “Smith Cake” is the official dessert of Maryland and a unique treat. 

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