What You Need To Know About Digital Box Printing In Packaging

February 16, 2022

Digital box printing in packaging is a growing trend that many companies have started to attempt to use. The techniques used with digital printing can allow for the boxes and containers to be customized in a variety of ways and can also be used separately from one another. Companies of all sizes are attempting this type of marketing strategy because it has the potential to help increase profitability through increased revenues, savings on production costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

This blog post will go over some key points about this method as well as provide examples of how it is being implemented by companies today.

How does digital box printing work?

This form of printing is known as direct-to-media and uses a digital printer to print on the box or container. Compared with silk screening, which takes longer to produce new illustrations, this method allows a company’s packaging artwork to be changed at any time. Digital printers are available through many different companies today and they can range from inkjet printers up to large format plotters and even computer-controlled cutters. The cost of entry into this type of printing can be as low as $5,000 depending on the level of your business and what size equipment you need.

Benefits of digital box printing

There are a number of benefits to using digital box printing in your company. The most important is easy customization and the ability to print multiple different designs on the same container. It is also a great way to print on any type of plastic or container you choose and can be done at a cheaper cost than larger format screen printing. Companies can also use heat transfer printing on the boxes instead of traditional inkjet printing which can help reduce production costs.

Advantages of digital film box printing

Having access to the appropriate software is a big deal when it comes to digital box packaging. This type of equipment works with many different software packages that provide companies with full control over their art, layout, text, and designs. Many of these packages are designed for packaging in a variety of different industries and can easily be customized to fit your brand. The use of digital film printing offers many benefits that traditional printing does not, although it is important to note that the technology used is not exactly the same. Today’s digital printers produce better quality images that are sharper and clearer than those from older machines.

Examples of digital film box printing

One company that has recently come across digital printing recently completed a project for their client in which all parts were printed on a variety of materials and then assembled in the studio. This type of process allows for many different designs to be printed on each side of the box so consumers could choose the one they prefer.

Why companies prefer custom packaging boxes

Custom packaging boxes are a very important part of marketing your product. They help to showcase your products both inside and out for consumers, show off the design, and help with the shipping process. Companies can also use them as packaging for selling and giving out their products at any type of event or trade show. All of these factors mean that companies need to be able to put their own touch on their packaging in order to stand out from the rest.

Digital printing advantages

Box printer offers many advantages over other types of product packaging like silk screening and screen printing.

  1. Can print on multiple materials including glass, plastic, steel, etc.
  2. Can be customized in a variety of ways and easily change artwork, text, and designs.
  3. Save money on material costs and unnecessary labor expenses by printing on a variety of materials instead of using one proprietary material.
  4. Save time and money by producing the same output more quickly with fewer steps which can come in handy when using it for packaging purposes as well as display pieces like mirrors, signs, and window treatments.
  5. Get more bang for your buck because you can use the same production line multiple times when you are printing on other types of materials (Glass, Plastic, etc.)

Custom boxes with logo

Custom boxes with logos from different companies can be printed with your logo and then filled with the products that you want to sell. Digital printing uses a variety of different types of printers to output your printed artwork, signs, and designs onto anything you want which can make for great packaging for any product. They are the best form of packaging if you run an online business because they are just as effective as any other type of box or display with the exception that they have your company’s name or logo on them, so people familiar with your product will know who they came from as well as be able to match what they see online in person and vice versa.

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