A Comprehensive Guide to Home Services Marketing

February 25, 2022
Home Services Marketing

Home Services Marketing

Home services professionals face unprecedented competition today. There are numerous home service providers, and it could be challenging to figure out the most effective way of gaining a competitive edge. Moreover, the way customers look for home remodeling and home-repair services has dramatically transformed over the past decade. It is imperative for home service providers to learn the new digital marketing game to grab the attention of modern tech-savvy clients.

According to Forbes, word-of-mouth marketing could be the most effective way of achieving organic growth for all businesses. Remember that word-of-mouth marketing is best for attracting new clients and boosting loyalty among your new and existing customer base. It is, however, difficult to obtain referrals naturally. You need to realize that home service businesses require sales to sustain and survive. It is critical to focus on maximizing the return on your marketing spends for growing, thriving, and becoming a market leader. Let us explore some marketing tips for home service providers to build a successful and sustainable local business.

Focus On Developing a Mobile-Friendly & Intuitive Website

Most homeowners looking for your services will be visiting your website to verify your level of professionalism, credibility, and authenticity. They should essentially be welcomed and greeted by an intuitive, easy-to-use, navigable landing page. Your website should necessarily be SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly as a vast majority of the people is in the habit of using their smartphones to search on Google. Your site should have a fast loading speed. It should load ideally within only 3 seconds to avoid high bounce rates. You may focus on having a separate web page containing your contact details and current location for seamless communication and navigation.

Establish & Boost Your Online Presence

First of all, create a profile on ‘Google My Business’. It should contain vital details like your business’s name, business hours, location, address, contact number, etc. Most customers tend to prefer local businesses since home services would be ranging from major renovation or refurbishment projects to minor repairs. It is critical to include accurate listings. You should pay attention to getting your website search optimized. Moreover, frequent searches and good customer reviews will help you gain high SERP rankings. You may enlist on popular ‘Neighborhood’ social networking apps for boosting your visibility in your target areas where you operate frequently. You may seek professional assistance from a reputed home services marketing company for perfect solutions.

Investing in Local SEO Pays

While looking for home service providers online, people are usually focusing on the local approach. They typically use phrases like ‘plumber or roofer or electrician near me’. You must boost your presence in especially local search results. Have a local SEO-optimized site. Add strategically location-specific keywords to your web content and manage effectively all offsite local listings.


Once you have grabbed customer attention and established a connection with your customers, you should focus on delivering stellar customer service. You should arrive on time, deliver prompt and high-quality services, and provide seamless invoicing to impress your clients and lay the foundation for a loyal relationship. 

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