Why you should hire a professional translator for medical translations

March 4, 2022


If you are concerned about the question of how to translate your content, then there is no need to talk about the importance of its multilingualism. It’s time to discuss the importance of professional content translation and its quality. Without a doubt, when preparing a product or service, you put your soul into your development and made your offer unique. And for sure you want that after the translation of the content accompanying your product into other languages, the attitude of consumers towards it does not change. And it doesn’t matter at all whether it’s a label, an instruction manual for equipment, or a multi-page website.

In the modern online environment, visual perception is at the top of the quality rating scale. A properly built structure and selected images will not provide complete perception. Only after reading the description, the consumer will make his choice. And here the quality of the translation of the content will be compared with the quality of the product. But how to choose the right translator? Can I use free online resources? Wouldn’t it be a mistake to contact a translation agency? In this article, we will tell you why you need translating and interpreting service.

The human factor: what cannot be taught to a machine

You can hardly find an Internet user who does not know about the existence of free online translators and has not used these services. Such resources are popular and available. An obvious question arises: why do we need translation agencies? Maybe you can entrust translation into a foreign language to a robot? But can you be sure that artificial intelligence has correctly understood your unique idea or prerequisites and accurately translated the meaning into the target language? If you are chatting with a friend from another country whom you met on vacation, machine translation will quite provide you with an exchange of impressions.

But when it comes to building design specifications, Internet telephony equipment requirements, or instructions for using medical equipment, the slightest ambiguity can have costly consequences. Even if you have a clear terminology base, it will not always be appropriate to use terms in descriptive constructions. And if we are talking about a marketing text, you need to translate the thought, not the text. After all, we often use idiomatic expressions – phrases that cannot be literally translated from one language to another. Each language is rich in phraseological units, which are formed by the realities and culture of the respective country or region.

Is it necessary for a translator to have a specialized education?

What are the criteria for choosing a translator? What education should he have? How to find out the real experience of his work and training? These questions arise for everyone who is faced with the search for translation services. And although sometimes the role of a professional translator is not obvious, however, when visiting a doctor, we want to be treated by a professor, not a trainee. And when installing the air conditioning system, you are unlikely to contact a car mechanic. Everyone must do their job. But if your employee knows a foreign language, does this mean that he will be able to cope with the translation? Are you sure that his skills and abilities will be enough for foreign consumers to be able to use your product with confidence? How to check the correctness and literacy of the translation? One way or another, to get out of this situation, you will have to contact a translation agency. Again, this is a cost in addition to extra time. And timing is often of paramount importance.

How to save money on translation without losing quality

Strange as it may seem, but by contacting a translation agency, you can really save money. Here are some examples.

Hiring a full-time translator, you will have to pay him a salary. Working with a translation agency, you pay only for the volume of work performed. You can plan the costs associated with the translation process according to your budget.

At Onestep Translation Agency, the calculation of Translation of documents costs is based on the number of translated words. In addition, the database of completed translations for the entire period of work with you is saved. If you are updating content that has already been translated some time ago (even years), you will only pay for the translation of the changed text. Specialized software allows you to track already translated fragments, which will save you a lot of money.

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