Learn The Power Of Crystal Chakra Wands With Your Birthstone Chart

March 9, 2022

The power of crystals cannot be hindered and neglected whether you believe it or not. But once you experience that, you cannot resist using them for your protection, well-being, and bringing good luck your way. Across the globe, many people believe in the efficiency of crystal chakra wands. Many civilizations used crystals to protect them from evils and treat ailments in the past. The more you learn about crystal wands, the more you will be curious to discover more about them.

What are crystal chakra wands?

Crystal chakra wands are ancient treatments used to treat a person spiritually from their suffering, as we all know that the human body or the entire universe has formed with five elements: air, water, earth, fire, and space. Therefore, there would be nothing better than therapy for the healing that shares a great part of the earth and is embedded with the natural earthen activities to cure the ill sides of a person.

For adapting the best crystal chakra wands for your soul, body, and mind, research about crystal healing birth charts out there?

Your birth chart is a great way to know more about those crystal chakra wands that will immensely work to raise your lows if you allow them by opening the way of entering their positive vibrations into your soul.

Everything can make you feel healed, happy and cheerful if you start finding the directions that give you the essence of joy and where you feel more breathable.

You can buy crystal chakra wands by considering your birthstones chart. For example, take into account things like your birth month.

Let us know about your birthstones according to your birth month

January– Garnet & Tsavorite

February– Amethyst

March– Aquamarine

April– Diamond

May– Emerald & Green Tourmaline

June– Alexandrite

July– Ruby

August– Peridot

September– Sapphire

October– Opal

November– Citrine Quartz, Imperial Topaz

December– Tanzanite

Garnet and Tsavorite falls into the category of heart crystal chakra wands that help you increase the sense of benevolence and charity. You will achieve the state of the realm if you practice meditation while scarring these stones along with you. Unlike rose quartz that can go in the water, garnets are one of the crystals that are not water safe, as they contain aluminum. Importantly, several clean and vegan cosmetics companies banned using this metal in their products, as it can negatively impact your health.

Amethyst helps you to achieve clear skin. If you are suffering from those diseases where your hormonal issues hit you repeatedly, wearing this healing crystal will help you deal with these issues.

Aquamarine is atrauma cutter; this crystal healing wand helps you overcome those phases of your life where you feel more traumatized and sick. In addition, it promotes emotional stability and helps you control your anger over minor issues.

Emerald & Green Tourmaline boost the oratory skills in a person. But, until and unless people start becoming vocal about their suffering, they can’t heal from inside. This crystal healing set helps people release their suffering by opening their hearts in front of those who care about them.

If you believe in manifestation, then Imperial topaz is one of those powerful manifesting crystal chakra wands; it is directly linked with the solar plexus chakra that helps people get what they truly want from the depth of their heart. Many healing crystals sets are paired together to replicate and progressively increase their beneficial period. So people who have faith in them will never fail to feel progress in their lives. It is as simple as if you believe it; you get it.

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